it's official #i don't like coke

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Jan 17, 2001
i guess most of you knew that already tho lol.

i had to resort to buying Coke out of the soda machines at my apartment complex last nite cuz i was out of stuff to drink, and i can't stand my tap water...too much chlorine taste :yuck:

i know a lot of people say there's no difference between Coke and Pepsi, but i really can taste a difference.

i'll drink it if there's nothing else or if it's the kind out of the fountain machines at restaurants or with ice, but i don't like Coke :barf:

Pepsi :drool:
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I havent had coke in ages I like diet coke

I notice a difference between Coke & Pepsi, Pepsi doesnt taste as nice imo
:hmm: i've never tried that :laugh:

a slice of lime or lemon tastes good in Coke too :yes:
ABEL said:
Pepsi tastes better :mad:

I like Pepsi Max - well the one that has no sugar in it

Whats the difference between Pepsi Max and Diet Pepsi I thought they both just had sweeteners in them? :confused:
someone (i think angela harlem) is always talking about that Pepsi max...i still have no idea what it is, we don't have it here. at least i've never seen it anywhere.

i don't like diet anything :barf:
Pepsi Max is just Diet Pepsi I think but I dont see why they sell both in shops if they are the same thing :shrug:


Apaprently fizzy drinks sales are going down and Coca Cola will lose 3% of customers by 2007 - thats a lot apparently in terms of money. More ppl are opting for water and fruit juice these days.
I also can taste the difference. I don't like Pepsi, but yes, adding a bit of the Captain will make me drink Pepsi :sexywink:

:heart:Captain Morgan:heart:
I'll drink any brand of cola, but I do like pepsi the best. Dr. Pepper is my main soda though. I can't stand diet anything, the taste of nutrisweet makes me want to vomit :barf:
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