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I just woke up 2 hours ago and am getting dinner soon

I got up at 4pm :uhoh:
I also missed half of the All Ireland Final


Thats a big event.
i'm at work. i'm eating junk food for lunch. i usually don't take a lunch break cuz i like to leave early.

i'm eating
tostitos corn chips and salsa con queso
and i have a pecan pie for later
I had mashed potatoes, a roast potato, vegetables - sweetcorn, mangetout, onions, carrots and cauliflower then I had some irish steak. It was nice & I usually hate red meat.

Oh and I had gravy on my mashed potatoes too :drool:
ABEL said:
mashed potatoes and a roast potato? that's a lot of potato! :laugh:

We love potatoes in Ireland? What can I say :shrug:

It wasnt that much potato really the roast potato was small and I didnt have a huge helping of mashed potato. The plate was full of vegetables.
If you think we eat alot of potato here on the way to Dublin last month we stopped in Drogehda for lunch and the chef asked my Dad what he wanted to eat and my Dad said mashed potato but the Chef started piling roast potaotes on the plate but I had watched him giving the man infront of us both mashed and roast potatoes so I knew he was going to give my dad both too. But my Dad said to him no I wanted mashed potatoes and the chef looked like he was about to cry and i said No dad he gives you both types of potato and then the chef piled even more mashed potato on the plate. It was over flowing :laugh: Then I asked for a pot of tea for two ppl and they got out this teapot that looked like it was for 2, 000 ppl it was bigger than our kettle at home and I needed to put it on a tray by itself. Everyone was looking at us like we were starvos :lmao:

:heart: Irish restaurants :heart:
You've never tasted olives? I'd freak out without olives, especially the kind they eat in Greece and the Middle East. Yum!
*looking forward to eating olives soon*
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