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out of interest has anyone ever been to China? I went there four years ago on a school tour for about a week (went to Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou) and I quite enjoyed myself.
i've been to china. years ago, when i was much too young to appreciate all of the city's history. good noodles tho. :wink:

i can go....with the flow.
you can say it doesn't matter.
but it does.
Sure there is. It's in London

only timei've been out of the u.s. was when i was about 8, my family went to montreal for vacation.

token song title post that no one pays attention to (with reason): flow is the name of the song on live's V album that features adam durtiz of counting crows fame.
No ... hunting implies that eventually I will track him down and capture him.

Stalking implies I would be observing from a distance and doing creepy things such as photoshopping a wedding photo of the two of us. And I think we can all agree that doing so is just plain weird.
capture, release, tag

... anyways, i might be going to China next summer and trek across the continent to Europe with my brother... but it's not set in stone yet.
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