It's been 25 years since the ZooTV Dublin gig

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Jun 8, 2004

One of their greatest gigs. I fondly remember listening to it on the radio live when I was very, very young. The cassette recording got played very often in those times. Top versions of pretty much everything (apart from With or Without You - I don't know if the painfully abbreviated version was a curfew thing or what) - Zoo Station, Mysterious Ways, Bullet the Blue Sky and Love is Blindness in particular.

Pretty much the band in their pinnacle.
This was the first U2 bootleg I was really into. I was listening to it a lot when I first signed up here. Man, time flies.
I spent $50 on the two-disc bootleg at Atomic Records in Milwaukee in the late 90s.

Worth it.
My favorite U2 gig, easily. Even with the trunc-ed With or Without You, and the fact that Bad wasn't at its best on ZooTV. Everything else is a knockout - Bono's falsetto at the end of Mysterious Ways is just stunning.
Probably the one U2 gig besides Red Rocks I wish I'd been around for. :drool:
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25 years since Zoo TV

35 years since Red Rocks

15 years since HTDAAB

Time is passing at an alarming rate!! Glad they're still going strong!
I was at both Dublin gigs - the 27th and 28th. Fantastic experience.

How does it compare to them now?

To me it sounds in a different league from anything I have seen (from Vertigo tour onwards) - both song hcoiuce and just musically.

I do wonder though if I am being overly romantic about what it was like. That said, the recordings can't lie!
Bomb was released in 2004. Its been 14 years. You're right, though, crazy how time flies.

Oh yeah that’s right. I tend to get my years mixed up as I get older. I’m 36, but the other day I told somebody I was 37, because I actually thought I was 37! 2003, 2004, 2005... it’s all starting to blur together now.
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