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Laura M

Blue Crack Addict
Jun 6, 2002
I am taking you out

It's a surprise

I have an extra ticket there will be about 8 of us going but everyone else knows what it is its my Christmas present to you

Meet me at 7:45

No I am not telling you what it is

I don't like surprises so just tell me now please :angry:
There is no concorde flights anymore :angry:

Will a boat do? :hmm:

Poor Frances, he has lost his marbles. :|
The surprise is tonight

My mum thinks its a date with some boy I used to go to school with

I would hate if that happened

She better have no info and not be dropping not so subtle hints :angry: :uhoh:

Hi SF :angry: :kiss: :angry:
It better not be the panto or a date with this boy

I hate ppl interfering

My mum keeps rabbiting on about how a great friend she is and how I should be thankful she is trying to get me a boyfriend and how I don't recognise when someone likes me and turn everyone down

I really am worried now

I dont even know how to dress

And I dont even know where I am meeting my friend

She has told my mum where to leave me

and apparently I have to come alone

It all sounds a bit suspicous now

This is not a good christmas present.

We went for drinks

There were 3 other ppl not 8

That boy just appeared at 10

My friend acted surprised to see him there

By himself I say? On a Saturday night?

I stuck it out for 30 mins

I phoned my friend he came collected me he pretended to be my boyfriend (he even kissed me :eek: I really should have asked someone who hasnt asked me out before to come meet me :slant: ) and he took me home :D

I knew that was going to happen I think my Mum was disgusted to see my home so early but what can you do. :|

Apparently we are going to the panto this week too they have given us both tickets to go..... :der: .... but I dont want to go with him.... nobody will listen to me. :angry:
And I bloody hate the panto

My mum laughed at that bit

she said I had a face like thunder

She didnt know about the panto tickets

I am turning my phone off now I have had 7 missed calls

I do not need or deserve a boyfriend leave me alone


I knew this was going to be something I hated.

Bah humbug.

I need to make myself a cd to cheer myself up.

excellent idea

I need to cheer myself up somehow

at the panto
just point and laugh hysterically at random stuff every 5 minutes
that will help making it more interesting
trust me on that one
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