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television shows where the cliff hanger is about the 25th amendment...
either a really funny comedy or a really, unbelievably, pretenious drama


Do you find Martin Sheen to be attracitve.

p.s. I thought you might.

He could be a news anchor, based soley on looks and voice.
Martin Sheen is attractive for an older man.

He was just in Milwaukee and Marquette gave him an honorary degree at the grand opening of their new library. :up:
martin sheen rules. i :heart: him a ton. and he had them write into the script that he is a notre dame grad. he gets five stars for that. :angry:

boomer + screamy 4 ever.
oh gawd..dont' tell me she is changing her name too..what is with all this butt is sore...:mad: :mad: :mad:

next thing you know we'll all be in the land of EIEIOey....oh brother...:|
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