Hands That Built America??

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Feb 13, 2004
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Any chance we will hear The Hands That Built America on this tour? Cuz its one of my favorites, and to me, it seems like it would fit right in.
In a word, yes.

U2 have already played this one live, as recently as 2004-11-18. It is sure to appear in the setlist, though I am doubtful of whether it will appear full band. The Ground Beneath Her Feet, for example, was always Bono and Edge, and like THTBA, it was performed before its tour.
pepokiss said:
I say NOT A CHANCE... or maybe as played as Sweetest Thing... nothing

Considering that it has already been played on the promo tour, why do you think they would not play it?
I would rather hear older stuff but I do think they will play this song live at least some shows based on promo tour set lists. I noticed The Edge played piano only on OOTS at the Brooklyn Bridge gig, which would lead right into HTBA, or if we're lucky Otcober/New Year's Day or Running to Stand Still.
It's one of the songs that never really grabbed me, so I'm kinda hoping not. I think if it does it would just be piano and/or acoustic guitar, though.
please don't play this song, guys, please....one of the few u2 songs i never got into, plus their catalogue is so great and big, they need to play a lot of HTDAAB songs and theres more important ones to get to.

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