Global Pandemic Part V: Enjoy a Corona while flying Delta

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Came back from vacation last week. I was with my wife, her sister, and her husband. All three of them got Covid. I have no idea how I was the only one who didn’t. Just weird.

Either you're just one of those lucky super immune types, or that night when you went to bed early...yada yada yada...
So many people I know are finally getting it. Most cases are mild since I’m not friends with idiot anti-vaxxers.

For those who it isn’t mild, rave reviews for Paxlovid.
Hope its mild and you recover quickly.

It definitely wasn’t mild yesterday. Went from feeling perfectly fine to migraine, fever, back pain, alternating hot flashes and chills, dizziness/brain fog, nausea, achy joints, and cough within a 2 hour span. Barely slept last night because my head felt like it was boiling but my body was freezing and shaking uncontrollably. But I’m feeling a bit better today, so that’s promising.
Take care man. See a provider if the symptoms grind on too long, they can help take the edge off.
I remain a COVID ninja. Well, at least a positive test ninja. I'd bet money that I've had an asymptomatic case at some point.

My thoughts too. So weird that earlier in the year my fiance and son had it, but my daughter and I didn't. In the same house, didn't mask until we found out about the positive test.
My wife had it 2 months ago and we slept in the same bed throughout and I never tested positive. She tested negative at first before finally testing positive. She had a mild chest cough - no fever or anything else.

My 4 year old had it a month ago. The cold my unvaccinated 4 year old had a month after having COVID was much worse than when he had COVID - which basically consisted of him running around destroying the house for 4 days without even a single sniffle. The only reason we knew he had it was because the unvaccinated ages (Pre-K) have to test to stay on any reported close contact. The older, vaccinated kids don't have to if they aren't showing symptoms. We tested the 4 y/o at home and he was negative, popped positive at the school test. Whatcha gonna do

My 7 year old (vaccinated) had a minor cold prior to my 4 year old testing positive but continuously tested negative. My guess is that he had it but the tests didn't pick it up.

I also had a bad flu like illness in December 2019 that tested negative for flu. I would not be shocked if it was actually COVID. There's a few studies that think it was already here by late November and nobody realized it.

So yea I'd bet good money that I've had it at some point. Probably multiple times. But I've just never gotten a positive test for whatever reason.

I work around large indoor crowds, taken many flights, and have to Petrie dishes (aka kids) at home, and somehow I've yet to have a positive test (knock on wood).
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Thankfully no one in my family has tested positive, now 72 hours after my positive test. I’ve been isolated in the master bedroom so I’m going a bit stir crazy and also feel like shit still. A day before I tested positive, my work team had a lunch meeting at a local restaurant. Usually we all work from home. So that’s fun. I obviously let them know but so far, 96 hours later, they’re all feeling peachy and testing negative. So that’s good news I guess.
Another freaking booster

(CNN)Moderna and Pfizer booster shots updated to target Omicron coronavirus subvariants could be available in early fall, pending signoff by federal health agencies, the US Department of Health and Human Services said Friday.

The US Food and Drug Administration advised vaccine makers in June to update the boosters to add an Omicron BA.4/5 component and create a bivalent booster.

"Pfizer and Moderna have indicated that they anticipate the modified vaccines being available as early as September," an FDA spokesperson said.
I feel fine. And it actually gets me out of an event I didn't want to do, soooo bonus?

Nice to have a break during the busy holiday season.

Let's say it was generated in a lab

That means Trump was openly praising China's response to the virus, and still allowed it to wash over the country. Causing mass loss of life, illness, and temporary collapse of the economy

There's still no evidence of the lab theory. The DOE said it was likely yet "Low Confidence"

All consensus at the moment still points to a spillover from nature.

But at this point you aren't going to get any info out of China. The focus should be on theraputics, and start R&D towards the next one (H5N1).
Honestly curious what value anyone applies to the Energy Department’s low level of confidence here.
It's entirely possible that it came from a lab leak. It's entirely possible that it spilled over from nature.

Neither option impacted the Trump administration's piss poor response, which led to more people dying than was necessary.

But fentanyl.

Yes. Like, sure. Let’s figure it out. But to go all in on blaming GINA! in the most of 2020 when hundreds of thousands of people were dying due to Trump deciding not to care about the Blue States and the selfish, inconvenienced Red Staters demanding haircuts, would have been entirely political and not remotely helpful to dying “front line workers” on respirators in ICU’s because Red State Karen needed her nails done.
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