Future Shows / Tapers and Omaha 12/15

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War Child
Dec 15, 2002
Omaha, NE USA
Future Shows / Tapers and Omaha 12/15

Not sure where to post this, so I'll start here and double up in a different forum.

I'm wondering if anybody plans to tape the Omaha show on 12/15? I'm asking cuz it is late in the tour, and seems an unlikely venue and location for an experienced taper to pursue.

That said, I will be in attendance, and would be willing to tape the show, but I have no equipment and can't afford (budget and spousal reasons) to invest in the equipment to tape one darn show.

I am thinking if a taper out here is wiling to lend me the equipment to tape the show? Yes, it would take some seriouis trust. But with trust, and the creative use of PayPal accounts, I believe I could make a PayPal deposit to an equipment owner, borrow the equipment, tape the show, and upon return of the equipment, get my PayPal "deposit" back.

We'd all win, I could tape, someone else could edit, and the show could be uploaded for all to share on U2 Torrents or some other site.

If you know a taper, are a taper, and are willing to consider this idea, please email me at bcwgobuffs@yahoo.com.


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