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Oct 26, 2014
is there anybody out there?

Hello everyone, here's Gonz writing from Spain. I've been reading your forum for a long long time, but recently I've been working in long-boring night shifts and I've found myself to have plenty of time to read the threads and to express my opinion in some of those threads.

I've been GonzaU2 for years, in Youtube (where I have some U2 covers), Twitter, Facebook... It was about time to have one in the best forum about U2 that's out there on the big net!

Don't know if I should say anything else... Just to say something, I'm one of those fans who love U2, doesn't matter what they do (except for NLOTH, I only really like MoS on that one) and I'm excited about this new tour, I was in last tour gig in Sevilla, absolutely amazing...

Just as U2, I love Springsteen, and I really like Killers and Muse as well.

This is pretty much everything at the moment!
So glad to have you here. Man, 10/28 was a pivotal day for Interference. And it's because you joined!

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