boston tv broadcast footage

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The Fly
Aug 9, 2000
Thanks to the wonderful people at I was able to see a few of the songs from this broadcast and to anyone that was wondering, I'm 100% sure that they used footage from boston 1 and 2 for elevation, and same goes for kite and the fly. They edited together footage from both nights from each song. The ending of elevation on boston 2 was a little different, bono sang it better and held the last note untill the music ended. That part was used, but the first half of the song is from boston 1, I'm sure because I recognized many people who were in the front rows with me that night on the video in the front rows. Kite was edited because of bono's messup, and the part he plays by himself at the end is from boston 2, the show where me messed up one of the verses. The Fly is the ultimate proof that footage from both nights was used in the song. Bono ended it on boston 1 by splatting against the video wall. On boston 2 he ended it by diving off the tip of the heart and running out of the place. The tv broadcast uses both endings! Awesome idea! He jumps off the tip, then magically appears running around the ramp and splats against the wall. Great editing throughout. I'm really gald they blended the footage from both nights for each song.
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I know. My jaw dropped when I saw The Fly, but the choppiness of realvideo really hurts it since it's such a fast moving performance. Can't wait anymore for the DVD's!
Unfuckingbelievable!!! Videos were a bit grainy but it seemed great. I don't care that they edited parts together. If this grainy piece of shit of RA can get me pumped, I can't wait for the DVD....shit I can't wait for MSG #1, 2, 3!

Viva LA U2!!

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