Boston DVD: which songs are June 5 and which are June 6? What's the deal?

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Jan 30, 2001
Lewisburg, PA USA
As I expected, the DVD is not all from the June 6 show, and I was wondering if anyone can pick up what parts are June 5 and what parts are June 6 (maybe compare it to audio recordings). 'Gone' is clearly from 6/5 because Edge smashes his guitar at the end (is the whole song from 6/5, or just the end?). 'Kite' is also not 6/6 because they messed it up bad that night. The basketball punting got edited out of 'Streets' so that's not even a complete song. What's the deal?

It's most disappointing to me that the DVD isn't a real concert. It's an edited piece from 2 nights put together. I had a feeling they'd do this... what I really wanted to get was one complete show, but that didn't happen.

Also, the camera angles change way too quickly on some of the songs and it's more like a music video than a concert, which kinda sucks also. Overall though, it's really cool and we're fortunate to get it.
wow! Another fan from Central Pa region. I'm from Williamsport (loyalsock). Sorry, i just found that interesting
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