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no I am still awake after ending my work christmas night out in a chinese and somehow driving home while berating a work colleague who disappeared with the girl i not-so-secretly love that he not-so-secretly craves by walking her back to her taxi and doing untold things to her, or maybe nothing at all
yikes, bullet. that sounds not so good.
well possibly my lack of sleep and intake of alcohol is exacerbating things slightly! but the fact of the matter is.... right now as i type, he could be getting amorous with the girl of my dreams *sobs*

not that i'm jealous, of course
I am awake- it is just past 3pm here on Saturday arvo and I am putting off going to the shops and doing my Christmas present shopping- they close at 5:30pm and I havnt had a shower yet- wasted all of Saturday here on the net, so maybe if I get my act together I can make it there soon and do all of my shopping in an hour- sounds just like me!!!! I am a hopeless procrastinator
Woohoo! I'm still wide awake! I'll probably be up until 7:00 am cause I slept till 2:00 pm! Woohoo! Pass me the beer!

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Originally posted by brettig:
Im right here cos its 7pm and my team was killed in the cricket
I'm here because ... mmm, I don't know why

Shake it, shake it, shake it
Originally posted by SicilianGoddess:
I'm awake and I've been playing.



Iam gonna KICK your SKINNY LITTLE ASS next time I see YOU..

YOU are in SO MUCH trouble..

And dont be thinking of a cute little defense and shit becuz you are SO BUSTED.


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