Bono as Dr. Roberts.

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Oct 17, 2005
It's a very, very mad world.
I like how he looks too. This months issue of Blender however called his cameo appearance "cringe-inducing" .

Oh my LORD! :faint:

So this certainly makes it look like he's in more than one scene, because in the trailer he's shown in the nightclub, but here they're on a bus.

Also, oh my god. He looks good even like that :lol: Like good in a bad way :giggle:

This movie needs to hurry up and come out, seriously. I love everything about it, and Bono is just gonna be the icing on the cake :drool:

And cringe-worthy? Half the stuff Bono does is cringe-worthy! I've seen him cringe at himself :lol: It won't stop me enjoying it :D
bonocomet said:
Yeah I love the jacket and bandana... I think they were probably from his own 80's clothes :giggle:



Nice work from either Bono or the costume director, as I personally think 1986 was his most rockingest looking year.

An opinion shared by very few, I imagine.
bonocomet said:

Just thought I'd bring the pic over to page 2 as well.


Thank you, Comet!!!
Bonofox1- :censored: I SO AGREE- You never see Bono with a shirt tucked inside... jeans :drool: My favorite. Holy s***

80's Bono- along with that gorgeous look, his speaking voice was soooo whispery and sweet and sexsay!!!!!!!!!:drool:

Only problem with seeing the movie, is NO REMOTE to hit rewind or slow motion....:mad:

Nice find JCOSTER:hi5:
DreamOutLoud13 said:
Like good in a bad way :giggle:


Like the "I'll hurt you bad in a *good* kind of way" deal. Pornstache = :drool:

I :heart: this man!

Thanks JC, for making me have to go through the day with that image in my head! I'll be spacing out every few seconds! :wink:

Can't wait for this movie to come local indy theater says, yes, they are going to show it! :hyper:
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