Bono and tatoos

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Jun 18, 2001
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
the other day this girl was telling me how cool tatoos are. and i said tatoos are bad.
so she told me that all rock star have tatoos, i said bono didn?t. she said " r u sure?" i said yeah. i lied. im not.
any help?
if he does have one whats it look like.
oh yeah ive never seen any ali pictures so i dont know what she looks like. do u guys have any pictures of her?

Originally posted by BrownEyedBoy:
i said tatoos are bad.

Phooey to you.

I don't think Bono has any tattoos, but he'd look great with some!

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Bono has no tatoos.

"The penis-ring I felt was enough. It's a lot of weight for one man to carry. No, I'm a virgin in that sense." -Bono, when asked by Max magazine if he had a tattoo.

I'm pretty sure this was recent.

Careful though, Larry has one!

Girl comes up to me says Hey Bono,
I want to play with your band, Sweet Jane...

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