Attention Feeder very tragic news.......

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Mar 20, 2001
London, UK
With apologies but I thought some of you might also be fans of a band called Feeder so I read with utter shock at , this article:

Feeder drummer dies

Lee (right) was found dead in Florida on Monday

Jon Lee, drummer with rock band Feeder, has committed suicide.
Lee, 33, was found dead in his Miami home on Monday, 7 January, and is believed to have hanged himself.

Originally from Newport, south Wales, he was a founding member of the band who had four UK top 20 singles, including Buck Rogers and Just A Day, released last month.

Bandmates Grant Nicholls and Taka Hirose released a statement saying: "We shall miss him more than melody. We're utterly devastated."

The band's spokesman said: "It is with the deepest regret that we must announce the tragic and premature death of Feeder drummer, Jon Lee.

"Jon took his own life on Monday, January 7th, at his home in Florida.

"At this dreadfully difficult time, we would ask that Jon's family and friends are afforded the utmost privacy."

He is survived by his wife Tatiana and a son Cameron.


Thats really sad

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