2012's Misc Pictures

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From facebook:

I saw this comment before I saw the pic of Edge....I was a little scared to see what I'd find when I opened the pic. Whew...
:lol: I'm GLAD Edge didn't get that much hair.

I know. :lol: I thought Edge had gone all wild man.

Though, :shifty: I must admit, I was intrigued.

:shifty: Now you're tempting me...

Okay it's not my best work, but hey, I made it in a couple minutes.

Now we know. Don't do it Edge. He looks like Fidel Castro to me!
The link doesn't lead anywhere, obviously the forums are closed for non-members, BUT I remember these pictures, they are most certainly from an early leg of the tour since Bono's hair is so short. Brian rolling his eyes :lol:
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