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Bono's in Vegas, at The Beatles Love show.


Oh my, looking mighty fine! :drool: Thanks so much for finding and sharing Cathleen!! :bow:
Wait, Larry and Bono...recreating together? I wonder if that house with the studio is for real and something is happening.

Or it is a beautiful oasis in a very dry and waterless place.
:love::hyper: OOHH Larry

He looks Totally:drool::drool::drool::drool:
that shirt hes all most wearing:drool::drool:

Funny how when theres a sighting of him you can go & check all the U2 sights & there are women/girls flipping out:hyper: its major news & the press think its only One Direction & that Beiber thing the woman LOVE:heart::heart: SSHH:doh:
Nope, looks like the pants. Brave! :lol:

And he looks like he's singing he opera here. I would LOVE to be present whenever Bono is in the mood to give a little private show for friends and family. He must be such fun to be with.

I guess the whole family is vacationing in the South of France right now. Since Larry is there (what a rare sight!) and Adam is rumoured to have bought a house, I'm very positive about them making music in Eze. Maybe Bono will drink some wine again and turn up that stereo for some new beach clips :whistle:
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