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Wait a minute... Is he wearing the same clothes in NY tonight that he wore in Dublin last night?? :hmm:

(I guess it's all the same day for him. :wink:)
When he sings in Spider-Man, 'I go to sleep in my clothes...' he means it.

I bet he smells DIVINE.

I mean, it's not like he didn't make a few million recently.

OR like Ali, he has 3 closets of the same exact thing.

I open the closet and see black and brown, and brown and black.

Crap, I think I've sobered up.
you can watch the episode on the rte player. bono is at the very end

RT� Player: Catch up with your favourite TV programmes online

Any chance to get the Bono piece alone? I haven't been able to find it on You Tube, though some other parts of the show are already there.

And THANKS for the pictures from the (RED) Rush party. When (RED) was twittering about it last night I thought Bono should be there.

It seems he flew from Dublin to NY directly. Does this man ever sleep?
:lol: He probably went straight to NY. Though hasn't he said in interviews that he wears whatever clothes are nearest to him? So perhaps Ali forgot to put something clean out for him, so he wore the same outfit. :wink:
I hope he at least changed his shirt :tsk:

To be honest, I think it's safe to assume that Bono has more than one shirt and on pair of pants in those colors :D
I tried registering.....until I saw 'payment'. Boo.

I think we need to create a company where we all put money in the kitty for memberships to these sites. :hmm:
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