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Great site....anyone uneducated on the issue will find a ton of facts.

What I found shocking is that the united states donates the lowest percentage of money proportional to it's GDP, to the cause. In order to boost it to the reccomended level it will cost tax patyer 4 cents a day ....a 1.46 a year.

Also the most important aspect of thsi site is that it has a lot of ways you can help with teh cause by doing nothing more than filling out a few online forms

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Good site, Arun_V; thanks for posting this.


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Makes me feel lousy realizing the blessings we Americans have..


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yes good site 1\2 pigstar
I will bookmark the site for myself
and make a personal commitment to somehow get involved

I cannot ignore; that according to that site in the time it takes me to post this little reply 25 lives will have been lost to this catastrophic disease

Please take a minute of your time to read, and a difficult minute you will understand- is nothing in comparison
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Just to provide some extra info to this Slanted Site

A good site Arun.. However I will comment on a few things that this site does not include... Quoted Sections are from Website...

"Patents on pharmaceuticals now last 20 years from the date of patent application and result in prices often ten times higher than necessary to make a profit."

Now why is this.. Is it because It costs hundreds of millions to research test and then produce a drug ... Or is it because for every ONE APPROVED DRUG.. there are Ten to TWENTY other drugs which had hundreds of millions of dollars spent on them in Research and Testing and Production.. The companies have to charge the amount they do to pay for all the failures that are created and Slashed down by the FDA.. Do not over look this.

"If the US government provided a fair share contribution to the global effort to stop AIDS (with education, prevention, care, and treatment) it would cost the average US taxpayer four cents a day."

FAIR SHARE?.. Geezus.. What a liberal term.. This is a completely bull shit statement.. It's like saying that RICH people should pay a higher TAX PERCENT in a country.. over looking that just by the fact that Rich people have more taxable money, just paying on the same Tax Rate as all others, a Rich person would be paying much much more than a poor person in taxes.. I'm a big fan of the flat tax.. For recent success.. just check out Russia.. I find also conveniently missing just the amount comparisons between nations... they give us the percent amount.. but not the ultimate actual amounts.

"Average annual debt payments by the 24 countries which have begun to receive some debt relief are being reduced by a mere 27 percent. This leaves these 22 countries still spending more repaying debts than they currently spend on fighting AIDS and providing basic healthcare."

Not saying this point is wrong, but jsut as with Bush's Global Warming plan.. In ten years the CO2 levels will be higher than they are NOW.. but they will be lower than if we did nothing.. Same here..

Just a few thoughts..

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