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Originally Posted by Jerry Dunk View Post
I'm not sure what you mean. I interpret white college educated suburban professionals to be the sort of privileged people we are talking about. Middle to upper middle class professionals who ultimately aren't really impacted by the nastier parts of politics. That to me is what suburbanites are.

And I do appreciate the post! None of this is easy, on that we agree. We disagree on quite a bit, as you know, and I take issue with the idea that it is disgusting to criticize the DNC, who I am no fan of, but that is well thought out, and I think it's refreshing any time someone is willing to take in new information and factor it into their thinking. Those who have been on this forum have seen my transformation from mid-2000s centrist to Obama era liberal to full blown socialist over the last 14 years. The world is changing around us, and we as people also change.

I do regret the times on here when I lose my temper. I feel very viscerally angry about a lot of what has gone on, and it leads me to allow my emotion to overtake me and get inarticulate and at times rude. It is certainly not how I mean to be.
That NEVER happens to me. LOL.
I think I owe just about everyone on here an apology at one time or another.

But i also think we are all passionate and care.

I think that while NV is just one state, and one with 70% of voters are union members, it may be a little early for me to make such statements. But if he wins SC. THAT, would be a statement that couldn't be denied.

I want our side to energized. But I also want all points of view to be recognized. I hope that Sanders softens his edges a bit towards at least the more moderate Dem voters. That will be wise for him to do.
But if Sanders can energize younger minority voters, younger white voters, and bring along the older more moderate Dem voters who are all about defeating Trump, then that is a recipe for success.

My best advice to him right now. Lay off the "scaring the Dem establishment" stuff. Start to shift to, we want to bring all parts of the party together. Genuinely. Not say it one day and something else the next.

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Time for the next thread.

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