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New Yorker
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The Wave: scary stuff.

I wondered if anyone here has seen this? It's title varies according to diffrent reports: The Wave, or The Third Wave. Anyway, it's a film, made in 1981, based on actual events of 1972. Scary.
This gives tons of info about the film, and the experiment that inspired it.

To explain to his students the atmosphere in the 1930's Nazi-Germany, history teacher Burt Ross initiates a daring experiment. He declares himself leader of a new movement, called 'The Wave'. Inspired, he proclaims ideas about Power, Discipline and Superiority. His students are strikingly willing to follow him. Soon the entire school is under the spell of 'The Wave'. Anyone who refuses to be a part of the Movement, faces threats or worse. Ross himself gets carried away by his own experiment. Or has it turned into something more than an experiment? A climax is unavoidable, resulting in a hard lesson for both Ross and his students...
There are, of course, also those who say it never happened... I'll make no more comment on that.

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New Yorker
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I really ought to have included this.
The original article written by Ron Jones.

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Jesus Online
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This was a true story???? I read the book back in...the early 90s and no one had ever heard of it. The book was exeptional. I recommend it to anyone.
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New Yorker
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I don't know for certain... there seem to be many people vouching for it as being based on a real event... but there are also people falling over themselves to tell us all it's a story. Dunno. Very odd.
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The Fly
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It is a true story. When I was in high school we watched the movie more than once and had many discussions following that. Most of them were on the subject of-can it happen again? Not only within a school but nationwide?
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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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We read the book in school a few years ago. I thought the book itself was alright I guess, but it's pretty creepy that it actually happened.
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That reminds me of that one woman (I forgot her name) who did the same as a test and singled out people with blue eyes.
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War Child
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^yeah, we watched a video about that in my sociology 101 class last spring. it is really scary to see just what the human being is capable of when he stops taking responsibilities for his own actions and thoughts (whether he does so willingly or because of threat).

it is things like this that serve as a reminder that we need to always be concious of what we are doing, why we are doing it, and what the possible consequences of that decision could be.

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