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relatively new breakthroughs in telepathy

hello all,

lately i have been doing some reading on travelling regarding space, time and physics.

i started reading a very dense book, written by an author that i have forgotten, a book that i have forgotten the name of. all i know is that the heading regarded einsteins biggest error, his biggest break-through.

this book gave me more information on the massive breakthrough discovered by astronomists in 1998, where they "found" evidence of an ever expanding universe. meaning, the universe we know is growing, and growing at am alarming rate...

with all this info, it is seemingly evident that certain apexs in the universe would be FARTHER AWAY TODAY THAN THEY WERE YESTERDAY. this may not be shocking, as many of you may already have heard about this relatively new discovery.

thats the first part of my post, i wont get into what exactly was einsteins mistake, it has nothing to do with this.

time travel has always been a fascination to man. the thought of correcting past mistakes mistakes has brought serious debate as to the posibility of this seemingly impossible task.

the faster you travel, the slower time moves. though not really experimented with at this point, there is an intriging possibility that with computers we can perhaps not time travel, but instead TELEPATH TO ANY PART OF THE UNIVERSE.

how would this work? computers, as some of you may or may not know, only run on 0's and 1's. with the rather incredible computers we have now, there are programs easily capable of simoltaneously (sp?) having the 0 appear after the one. meaning, for example, that if you were to type the letter "A" on your keyboard, the letter, for example again, "B" would appear INSTANTLY AFTERWARDS. what does that mean? NO TIME WAS LOST.

picture an object such as a piece of paper, so close to another object such as a ruler, that there was NO space between the two, and yet they werent touching! its the similiar concept.

now heres where it gets tricky.

with information being processed of breaking down the human body (pain-free ofcourse(also worth reminding you that the entire genom for the human has been mapped)) there is reason to speculate that in due time, humans, or any object will be telepathically moved from one point of the universe to the next.


you need transmitters. perhaps only one. the main module where the body is being "broken-down" would then send the "information" to another transmitter. thats the onlly tricky part. supposedly this would work anywhere where man can go on earth, however on mars this would not yet possible a there are no transmitters currently present on the red planet.

make sense? im typing fast, and i might be leaving out key details. granted this is all very complicated to begin with.

my internet time is running out, i will soon have time to re-evalute what i wrote and hopefully make things more clear.

-death bear

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I can tell this trip has done you some good my favorite bear.

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I like the way you think, bear. Keep it up.


"Oh brains."
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It won't happen faster than the speed of light. There is ample empirical evidence to suggest that no physical object moves faster than the speed of light, and this includes whatever signals you use to transmit the person's biological makeup from point A to point B.

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so far i agree with my thread, except for one major thing!!! its not telepathy that i discuss but rather

-death bear
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Kid A
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rather what?

I am not telepathic, you have to tell me damnit

this is very interesting, find the name of the book and/or author your life might be spared

surely ___ knows more about this?
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The rate at which deathbear makes boo-boos. Now that's faster than the speed of light.

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telepathy runs in my's weird. REALLY weird around Christmas time...

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Originally posted by Zoomerang96:
so far i agree with my thread, except for one major thing!!! its not telepathy that i discuss but rather
What? Teleportation?
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IŽll give you some more, Zoo96:
at the CERN they have been discovering that
1) there is no real thing like "material",
every elementary part (and they discover new ones every year) is made of energy, of waves, that consistently change
2) There doesnŽt exist a thing like future or past, we only define it like that. Some elementary parts move from the future into the past, for example.

You could skip through some pages of "Nada Brahma" by J.E. Berendt, too. A little old and not exact at some points, but definitely a good starter.
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