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Old 04-09-2002, 03:03 AM   #21
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I remember you posting a similar reply once in regards to punishment in correctional facilities Ant, actually the thread may have been about capital punishment. Anyways I agreed with a lot of what you said back then but still find that we will one day have to work out exactly where responsibility begins. And I guess where it ends. I dont think anyone can come up with a perfect solution especially when kids are involved. Adults are a different matter I think, but with kids, how can we really get some sort of universal measure to begin laying responsibility on them? I dont think that an eleven year old has a clue about the bigger picture. I think as soon as kids show awareness they know right from wrong. And that I think starts from a very young age, even before they reach school. But can we show an eleven year old exactly where they are heading and the larger ramifications of their actions with an idea of teaching them? I guess my biggest disagreeance with your idea (and this is probably the only one) is that sure they can learn behaviours, they can be swayed in the other direction before the troubles even really start, but will they understand why?

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Originally posted by mad1: u think its a struggle for the parent/parents, when their kids go to school and while the parent/parents might be trying to bring them up decent, kids at school may be trying to roughen them up more, to join in......therefore the kid rebels against parents and all it was taught?

Yeah, I think in a sense kids will pick up things at school no matter what values you try to instill in them. Actually, I checked with the school before school started this year to see who else was in his class and turned out that street rat was gonna be in same class as my kid. I simply told the school that they were neighbors and I didn't think mine would do so well if they were in the same class, so they switched them around. Mine has always done very well in school and I feared he would act up if he were in the same class, so I was very lucky that they split them up for me. I think the other kids do have an influence. It's a constant struggle because I am trying to raise my kids to be decent (which deep down he really does have a good heart) but after playing with street rat sometimes he will come home being mouthy and talkin tough, but we just bring him right back down to earth, telling him "look, he may get away with it and not have any rules, but you do, and the reason you do is because we care about you". Being a parent, nothing in this world makes me more angry than parents who look the other way and do absolutly nothing to instill any values whatsoever in their kids. I've been in mcdonalds play areas before where some kids are just pushing other kids around and the parents are right there and don't say a word. Then there's another type of parent like I have right next door as well. Hers is 10 and the kid does no wrong in her eyes. Anytime he's ever been in trouble, she blames only the other kid(s) that was with him, it's never his fault. That's really teaching him to take responsibilty for his own actions, now isn't it. I could go on and on with this subject, but the title of the thread says it all. It's getting to be a scary place because of todays kids. But I guess it's been this way since the beginning of time. There have always been bullies. The kids that do what they want and when they want and the parent doesn't seem to care. And it probably wouldn't matter if I moved, cause there's probably one in every neighborhood. Probably one out of every ten kids everywhere whose parents don't care what they do. They just had them, their job is done. The world would be a much better place if every parent would be responsible enough to raise their kid(s) the best way they can.

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Well thanks for sharing ZOOTB...

I can understand....... u being good father by protecting your son and wanting best for him, plus he is a priority in ur life.....nuttin wrong in what u want for him.........

I will never be a parent, so will never understand but I feel something of what certain parents want for and from their the end the simple want is 'respect'.................
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Maddie readin ur post earlier about how kids are affected in skool by other ppl and i think you are right....thank goodness me and my bro go to an excellent grammar school ppl... all these ppl with A's r turned down and my sister goes to a different grammar skool she only got aB1 but its next door to my skool and she has rich snobby friends...but its weird some bitches in my class made my life hell for a year and it was horrible and they had really nice parents..who they were sweet as pie too and then they turned nasty in skool so i dont think parents can have total control over what their children turn out like, id like to think my bro, sis and me r good teenagers, the naughtiest thing I've ever done is not done my homework for skool or something....anyway so some ppl with rela nice families jsut get into a really rough crowd in skool and i know some ppl from real scary families where their dad wont let them have a tv and they r really strict but are really quiet shy kids......

ok anyway i dont even know if there was a point to that nemore lol
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If I have interpreted your statements right, you have said that the corruption of society (aka bad kids) must end. One way of doing this would be to send them to "facilities" that could provide physical beatings. Obviously, a person's childhood influences what the person will become later in life. Are you saying that physical violence/discipline would stop children bent on destroying society? I know that the real troublemakers in our school are the ones that have parents that simply don't care... You'll send the child to a camp to be beaten, yet the parents will get away with no consequences at all.

My generation has a nasty stereotype. I'd be the first one to admit the 'materialistic, mature, ignorant' label as true. On behalf of my entire school, I can say, the majority of us are not mature. However, there are a variety of reasons why. There's an entire thread dedicated to people my age scaring our elders. Are you really scared because of our behavior or are you scared because we represent something more? My generation was not simply born, and then twisted into an over-pampered society. The generation before us, the Vietnam generation, has played a part in the way everything has turned out.

Depressing-grunge music was a hit in the early 90's. Why? The bands, essentially, were out there in the public's faces showing them: Look at us. Look at what you've created. We're cruel. We're immature. We're stupid and ignorant and materialistic. What do you think caused us to become this way? The parents, It all comes back to the lack of responsibility from the generation before us. Yet for some reason, the generation before us seems to get no (or hardly any) blame whatsoever. My generation did not just turn out 'bad'. Face it people: as parents, some people failed. The reason society is 'corrupted', is because of them. Not juvenile teens.

Until people realize that the source of the problem comes from the parents, and not the children... Corruption will never end. Beat us up. Perhaps the beatings will make it seem like you're doing something to erase what others done wrong in raising their children. But I do believe, that there are still good kids in the world. I know that there are many kids in my grade who are unworthy of the nasty stereotype of Generation X. Those kids are usually the ones who have had attention in their life... So how do you stop corruption? Do your part in the world and pay attention to your kid. Not beat them.

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Originally posted by zonelistener:
This post has got a song stuck in my head:


I don't know whats wrong with these kids today


Who can understand a word they say
Why can't they be like we were
perfect in everyway.......
hey, that's my line! I'm always bursting into this song.


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