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How has America changed?

I'm sure over the next week leading up to the anniversary of September 11th there will be a lot more posts on the subject, so I thought this might be an interesting question: How do you think America has changed since September 11th, if it has changed at all.

Are people more conservative? Are they more religious? Are they more concerned about politics, especially international politics as opposed to American politics? Are people more fearful? Have their attitudes to the government changed? Attitudes to other countries, other cultures or other religions?

It'd be interesting to see how the perceptions of Americans and people from other countries dififer on those questions too.


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It's much easier for me to look at what's changed around me, my town, my friends, myself - so my view on this is subjective.

Changes for me, personally: The shock of everything pretty much wore off after about 6 months, I became more reflective, less angry. The bombardment of images from that day were no longer a staple every time I turned on the news. When I see a symbol, such as a flag on a bumper sticker, or billboard signs - these symbols that weren't there on September 10 - I am constantly reminded of the horror of that day, and that I won't ever forget where I was and what I was doing when I first caught wind of what was happening in NYC.

Around me: The patriotism has died down, as was predicted. It's just not as fervent as it used to be. Sure yeah, people are still patriotic but they are less inclined to wear it on their sleeve or on their car. As a whole I think a lot of people (my friends, co workers, family, casual associates) feel the same way as I do. The anger has subsided a bit, and now is a time for more subdued reflection and personal resolve. People are moving on with their lives, though they aren't forgetting, they are just trying to forge ahead because if anything, what happened on Spetmeber 11 reminded many of us that life is precious but you can move on while still holding the memory of what happened close to you. Also, nearly half my friends have lost their jobs in the past year - possible backlash of what happened on 9-11 in an already failing economy (one friend who worked for United Airlines)

I think some people have found comfort in religion, it has given them something to hold onto - members of my family have gotten more involved with their synogogue, some friends of mine got more active with their church. I think this shift in religious activity was spurred by what happened on 9-11 because it allowed these people to find comfort in other who share the same beliefs or thoughts.

Politics - this is a tough one, and I'm sure given the nature of this forum, could possibly turn into some sort of debate. I am no more politically aware now than I was before September 11, as I've always tried to keep abreast of what's going on around me and in the world despite my harrowing schedule. I think at first, this country, although it was unified by the horrific events of 9-11, was divided on what the US should do in retaliation to what happened. I still think people are, but they aren't as vocal or they are simply exhausted from the turn of events. *shrug*

Right after the events of 9-11, people were very fearful of travelling, and wondered which town was going to be "hit" next by terrorist attacks. I personally think this is still in the back of people's minds as they pass through security gates at the airport, still in the backs of their minds when they hop on a train, or are at large events with large crowds - but as I said previously people need to move on and I think people are trying despite whatever fears they had/have.

Overall, where I live which is on the west cost of the US, I think people have moved on, or they are trying their best to do so. I don't mean to sound callous, that's not my intent at all - but we all have our lives to live. We have adjusted to the current climate, if you will. I don't think the horror of 9-11 or the reverberations it has caused emotionally, socially, politically, etc. will ever be forgotten nor do I think time will soften the memory of the tragedy (at least for me) - the climate has changed and it's only been a year. We are still, despite moving on, trying to acclimate.

sorry for making this a long post.

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I have seen a big boost in religion since 9/11 in my area.

For me personally, I have never been a religous in I know there is a God, but I don't go to church every week to pray to him/her. This has not changed for me post 9/11

Anyway, after Sept 11, I've know a lot of people who started going to church again, getting them selves baptized. It was almost, and I hate to say it, but it was almost like it was the "in" thing to do. While I am all for people finding the path that is right for them, for some of the people in my community, it was more of a keeping up with the Joneses type thing.

As a person, what happened has forever changed me. I hate to admit it, but before 9/11, I was the type who thought..".Oh problems in the Middle East? Well that doesn't really concern me, because I am here and they are waaaaaaaaaay over there." I was believing that no one and nothing could hurt our little country....that our goverment wouldn't allow that type of thing to happen. *yeah go ahead and call me naive, I already know that*
I think after 9/11, I spend more time concerned with what is going on with the world, and how it is going to affect me.
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i like this thread

there's really two places for me to report on.

i lived through it in the twin cities. there, so much changed, just everything did a total 180. it was the start of my homecoming week of my senior year, and it was just like this awakening for so many of my peers that there was a world beyond tp'ing and drinking. which made me happy to see, though i was upset at the circumstances it occurred under.

not a day goes by that i don't think about it. if i recount that day to someone, i still get tears in my eyes...just that hope that was held before the towers collapsed and how it took so much with it when the collapse occurred.

i was interested in politics pre-september 11. on that day, everyone in my senior class found me and asked me what the hell was going on cos i'm one of the only people my age to pay attention to international politics.

as for's something that i had messed with and was unresolved with before this happened, but it solidified my faith in God, which is the opposite for so many other americans.

now...i live in south dakota people here...i'm not sure if it's just cos they're college kids and they think it's uncool to talk politics (what the hell is THAT about!) or that they grew up on a farm with 2 tv channels and no internet so they don't QUITE grasp what happened (which is more true than you think). i'm not sure what's going to happen here on 9/11, but i hope it's acknowleged at least.
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My two cents: I believe the US, in large part, has returned to its Sept. 10 ways. Our biggest concern is not where our next meal will come from, will I live to see my next birthday, or will I be punished for not thinking a certain way....

Look at our latest obsession of the moment - "who will win American Idol?"

Instead of facing the evil that exists in our world, we surround ourselves with frivolous entertainment. I'd say, as a whole, the US feels fairly secure again.
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2 ways:

1. I cannot look up and see a plane fly by my city without remembering what happend (I know I need help).

2. There are two very large buildings now missing from my neighborhood.

We actually used to say goodnoght to the "twins" sometimes.

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it's sad

Originally posted by ouizy
2 ways:

1. I cannot look up and see a plane fly by my city without remembering what happend (I know I need help).
you don't need help. i used to live by the international airport, thusly i saw planes all the time...and saw the image of it going into a building over and over and over and over again.
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Dispite of all the 9/11 and post "CNN" attacks , i 'm not coming down ! NO , NO !!!!!


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