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The Fly
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Originally posted by Cow of the Seas:
no offence, but that is pure coincidence.
None taken. It was just the best quote I could think of at the time.

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Originally posted by Johnny Swallow:

Me, I have wanted to fall in love a few times, twice actually. But I never got the chance to be loved back, I got rejected both times. It was not easy but turned out to be for the best. I later found out many reasons why I should have NOT been with the 2 that I thought I wanted.

Ah, this sounds just like me. I'm not sure if I've ever been in love. I've been obsessed three times in my life. I sort of believe that real love is when it's reciprocated, which it never has been for me. I think the first time was the best. I was 15 and it was my first crush, on a guy in my class. He was much shorter than me (I'm six feet tall) which is funny now I think about it. I didn't know him, he was just very cute and flirted with me (and other girls in the class) a little bit. So it was nothing much, just fun for me, besides the usual few moments of agony for various reasons. The reason that was the best experience for me is that the other two turned into absolute torture--in one case because the guy was never remotely interested in me and then got engaged to someone else (younger than me, and I was 18, for pity's sake--and they've been happily married now for three years) and in the other case because I cared about the guy as a friend but we had utterly different outlooks on life, which eventually ended our friendship, over two years ago and I still haven't exactly recovered. I've only gone out with one guy in my life and I wasn't in love with him, though I did like him. He broke up with me after six weeks and I later found out some things about him that made me very glad it had ended.

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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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Makes me think of that wonderful poem you wrote, scatteroflight ("His hands...").

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Our story is basically music, music music
and boys boys boys. We feel blessed.
We have genuinely enjoyed each other's company on a day to day basis for almost 22 years. That part has to come easy I think.I hope we are going to go the distance. He's my best friend. I hope you find yours JS.

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War Child
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It is very late and I have to get up early, but I love talking about her:

I'll try and make the story simple and basic, but here goes. About a year ago, a very stupid kid who struggled through the problems of relationships in the first three years of high school, got extremely lucky. I met her through mutual friends. The end of last summer, I wanted to actually stay single because I figured that's how my life would go. Surprisingly, I had more than one posibility of girls to date early in the year. Those chances fell through fast, and well, calling her was almost a "last case/just-a-friendly-"hi"" scenario. I'll never forget the day I first called her. When we began talking it was bright afternoon; ending it was pitch black evening (almost). A month after that call, we started dating. We have been ever since. Everything I would normally do in life is enhanced; like taking trips/making errands. I think something U2 related (and cool!), is that we started dating around ATYCLB's release, so all those songs have extra meaning. Thanks for asking! - matt

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