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Old 11-20-2006, 08:40 AM   #1
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December 22nd, Massive Anti-War Demonstration

Just thought FYM would like to be aware of this important event..

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Two peace activists have planned a massive anti-war demonstration for the first day of winter.

But they don't want you marching in the streets. They'd much rather you just stay home.

The Global Orgasm for Peace was conceived by Donna Sheehan, 76, and Paul Reffell, 55, whose immodest goal is for everyone in the world to have an orgasm Dec. 22 while focusing on world peace.

''The orgasm gives out an incredible feeling of peace during it and after it,'' Reffell said Sunday. ''Your mind is like a blank. It's like a meditative state. And mass meditations have been shown to make a change.''

The couple are no strangers to sex and social activism. Sheehan, no relation to anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, brought together nearly 50 women in 2002 who stripped naked and spelled out the word ''Peace.''

The stunt spawned a mini-movement called Baring Witness that led to similar unclothed demonstrations worldwide.

The couple have studied evolutionary psychology and believe that war is mainly an outgrowth of men trying to impress potential mates, a case of ''my missile is bigger than your missile,'' as Reffell put it.

By promoting what they hope to be a synchronized global orgasm, they hope to get people to channel their sexual energy into something more positive.

The couple said interest appears strong, with 26,000 hits a day to their Web site,

''The dream is to have everyone in the world (take part),'' Reffell said. ''And if that means laying down your gun ( ) for a few minutes, then hey, all the better.''

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I expect a lot of female's "almost" make it to this protest, while a lot of males come (no pun intended) alone!

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Make love not war.

Get a haircut ya hippy!!
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Old 11-20-2006, 11:14 AM   #6
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I really don't get these kinds of protests. Do politicians really give a shit if people are having an orgasm to protest the war? In fact do politicians give a shit if people are protesting in any shape or form?
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Old 11-20-2006, 02:06 PM   #7
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I have never heard of this kind of protesting. It's certainly a novel approach.
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Originally posted by 1stepcloser
Do politicians really give a shit if people are having an orgasm to protest the war?
Only if said people are engaged in a homosexual act.
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Good one.
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Don’t laugh

I have been practicing this for years

And it seems to work much better
than when I use to pray.

I think I may single handily be responsible
for the most recent election results and Rumsfeld’s resignation.
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Communal orgasms and prayer are basically the same, and as to whether or not these tactics 'work,' it depends on your perspective.

As a man, I've always supported 'cumming' for peace as opposed to the traditionally masculine notion of the penis being associated with war and weapons.

Stand up to rock stars!
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Originally posted by deep

I think I may single handedly be responsible

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Now this is civil disobedience I can truly appreciate.

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