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Old 01-17-2002, 03:40 PM   #1
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What U2 album had the best music video collection?

I'm talking about music videos - not any of the live concerts.

Simply put, which album do you think spawned the best collection of music videos?


I'm going to have to say Zooropa. Numb was hilarious and very original. Stay is just beautiful and very well directed. And Lemon - well - how can you argue with MacPhisto?

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I'd say Zooropa too because I like all the videos from it but there's just something about atyclb that sparks my eye. Beautiful day is one that I can't get tired of watching and walk on is the perfect video to me. Elevation and stuck in a moment are alright, but I like the other version of stuck in a moment.

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holy shite, I was going to post this topic!

Zooropa hands down.


All f***in' brilliant, imo.
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Old 01-17-2002, 03:58 PM   #4
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Achtung Baby

Love all the versions of 'One', then you have 'Mysterious Ways', 'The Fly', 'WGRYWH'...... maybe I am just biased though because these are just really 'hot Bono' videos. lol
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Hmmmm...Interesting question.

I'd have to say Zooropa. Stay, Lemon and Numb. All three videos are visually stunning. Hmmm...there's got to be a less pretentious way of saying that. How about: they all look cool. Yeah. Also, each one fits with the song without taking the song too literally. And they all sort of break the mold in terms of what a music video usually consists of. Plus, Numb freaking rocks

Achtung Baby finishes a close second. All three One videos are wonderful and I love Mysterious Ways and EBTTRT, though it does make me a bit dizzy at times . The Fly's pretty cool, but WGRYWH isn't really anything special. It's good, but it basically just consists of concert footage and Bono. Not really a creative masterpiece, IMHO. Still, not a bad collection of videos.
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...Achtung Baby...not just for the visually stunning Fly/Mysterious Ways combo but also the Love Is Blindness video..haunting..
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Old 01-17-2002, 05:57 PM   #7
The Fly
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I'm not a big fan of their 80's videos myself. But as far as the best, I'm going to have to agree and say that Zooropa is far ahead of the rest. Numb, Lemon, and Stay are all brilliant. The concepts are funny, visually a treat to watch, and they go very well with the songs.

Achtung Baby, has some good videos, but a few clunkers. WGRYWH is a good video, along with Love is Blindness which is just spooky, and EBTTRT. The Achtung Baby videos all seems to be similar though. The Fly, UTEOTW, Mysterious Ways, WGRYWH, One (bar version), Love is Blindness, and EBTTRT all have concert footage or similar imagery or style. It just seems like too much of the same thing.

POP had some interesting videos to say the least. I love Discotheque, it's just amazing and fun to watch. IGWSHA is another good video along with Staring at the Sun. Last Night on Earth and Please both leave something to be desired. Last Night on Earth has some funny moments, but is basically incomprehensible. Please is just very, very boring to watch.

ATYCLB also has some good videos, but nothing as brilliant as Zooropa, or stunning as AB or POP. Beautiful Day is good along with Walk On. Elevation is fun to watch and has some tongue in cheek humor. Stuck in a Moment (US version), is utter crap in my opinion. The European version is superior in every way.

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Definately, definately zooropa.
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i'm gonna break the mold and say Pop.
discotheque was great imo, lotsa fun as a vid, fit well with the song, and was a good precursor of what the atmosphere at PopMart was gonna be. i know i'm one of a few, but i do enjoy both lnoe and it's accompanying video. staring at the sun was a video that was much more stunning than mysterious ways.
finally the original if god will send his angels without the city of angels bits cut in was a really solid video especially with the different and much better edit of the song.

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I would have to go with POP. "Discotheque" is a cool video, "Staring at the Sun" is underated (the original video). "Please" is solid. "Last Night On Earth kinda sucks". And finally, "If God Will Send His Angels" is one of U2's best. AB videos are great too.
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Originally posted by sulawesigirl4:
holy shite, I was going to post this topic!

Zooropa hands down.


All f***in' brilliant, imo.


...yet, Discotheque....

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zooropa !!

esp. Stay - just love it

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AB- I do love Stay and Streets and WOWY but AB-WOW!!

One- Bono in the bar!! SIGH!!
EBBTRT & The Fly- COOL!!
Love is Blindness- wish I could see it!

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Why? Because of the following:

Numb (absoutely hilarious- best piece of work Kevin Godley has ever done!)

Numb (video remix- More complete song in my opinion- fuller, more complex sound)

Stay (just a masterpiece!)

Lemon (fantastic, smart, funny, looks good, fits the song- what more can you ask for?)

Lemon Bad yard Club mix (not much different, but still good!)

I also put Hold me, Thrill me with ZOOROPA

HMTMKMKM (great music video, just fits the song perfectly, and looks good!).

The close contender was JT videos.
I love Streets, WOWY, Still haven't found and In God's Country...they're all great, and all very different.

Everyone has seemed to forgotten about the Until the ENd of the World video- very weird!
I don't particularly like the Achtung Baby videos except for THE FLY, LOVE IS BLINDESS( which really was made closer to Zooropa than Achtung Baby), and WGRYWH.

Discotheque is pretty good- except for the village people part. The first time I saw it, I was laughing my head off, but also thinking, "WHat the hell are they doing to their image?" Still it's good and a lot different from anything else of U2s vids.
Staring at the Sun and If God will send his angels are just fantastic! Pity LNOE and Please just don't cut it.

Beautiful Day in my opinion is U2s best vid to date. But ever since then all the U2 vids except the Stuck US version (which jsut sucks anyway) have the same still of all 4 band members in front the camera with Bono really leaning into it, and with Larry in the background (yes BOTH WAlk On versions have it). Personally i could think of a number of better ways to do it....but i won't complain....I mean Elevation really hit it off here in Aus, espeically amongst all the teens.

Well that's my two cents worth.
Bless you all.

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