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Old 12-09-2001, 08:04 PM   #1
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Elevation Tour or Zoo Tv Tour? If you had only one chance...

Today I spent the whole day at home and I listened to some of my bootlegs, from both tours, Elevation and Zoo TV. Maybe you remember that I didnīt go to any of the concerts on both tours, only to a Popmart concert. So I started thinking, if I had the opportunity, only once, to get into a time machine and going back to the time of Zoo TV or Elevation tour to see a concert which tour I would choose? Tough choice, isnīt it?

Well, Iīm very attached to the songs from ATYCLB but even so I would say a Zoo TV concert. Why?
Because of the beauty of songs they didnīt play this time around, like Love is Blindness, Ultraviolet, Dirty Day, Running to Stand Still, Tryin to Trow Your Arms Around the World, Sattelite of Love and Canīt Help Fallin in Love. Also Lemon, Numb, Zoo Station and Even Better Than the Real Thing, so good to start dancing around. And last but not least, the unforgettable MacPhisto character and the whole concept of the Zoo TV.

Now itīs your turn. I know the majority here got to see at least one of the concerts, maybe from both eras. Even so, pretend you didnīt and try to make your choice, if that is possible for you. I would appreciate to know why you would choose one or another tour. Thanks

"To me a rock and roll concert is 3-D, itīs a physical thing - itīs rhythm for the body. Itīs a mental thing in that it should be intellectually challenging. But itīs also a spiritual thing, because itīs a community, itīs people agreeing on something, even if itīs only for an hour and a half." (Bono, as quoted in the book U2 The Road to Pop)

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interesting question...i would wanna see zoo tv.

have a nice day!
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My vote: ZooTV

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Zoo TV...

I just think about that intro, how it just blew everyone away. It destroyed the critics' view of what they thought U2 were capable of at the time. It was information overload...my jaw dropped to the ground the first time I saw it.

It was the first time U2 showed that dark, mischievous side that pervaded the Achtung Era. The Fly shades, the swagger, the guitar solos, the depth, the brutal honesty...just brilliant.

Elevation was more of a celebration and bonding experience between the band and the fans, but Zoo TV was a total extravaganza. It is a close race, but I have to give Zoo TV the edge because of how innovative it was and how it set a standard for live rock shows.

Great topic follower.

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Zoo Tv
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Good topic.

hard decision tho. One thing I loved about Elevation was the whole GA/heart thing and being able to be sooooo close to the band. But for the sheer spectacle of it all, I'd have to say ZOOTV. Not to mention all the songs you listed that were played during that tour that are no longer part of the live set. And it would have been cooool to see MacPhisto.


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The concept is more rounded, and the band push themselves to his limits, trying to find a musical place for them, Elevation is more like close to the vest. they came after similar circunstances, zoo tv after the backslash of Rattle and Hum, and Elevation after Pop one, well the result of similar situation, is a diferent aproach, and I enjoy the band more when they take risks, U2 at his best!

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zoo tv

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It's tough- I agree w/ everything Sula said.
Yeah, ZooTV would've been so cool...

"That's the first time we've played that song in...about 15 years." -Bono, after In God's Country - Phoenix 11/23

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OMG...tough decision. I only went to Elevation, but ZOOTV looks/sounds amazing. But Elevation would be it, since I actually experiences Bono from 5 feet away..
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ZOO TV but only if they included "Bad" in the setlist. That was the highlight of every Elevation show I attended.

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ZOO TV-I actually got to experience my first U2 concert during this era.

While I loved the closeness and overall feel of Elevation, ZOO was just mindblowing. If I could go back I would have wanted closer seats.

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I would choose to be in the heart at a ZooTV show!

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Originally posted by Zoo Schabow:
I would choose to be in the heart at a ZooTV show!


Dammit, newbie, can't you read?

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Definitely ZOO TV!!!!

(Especially Zoomerang so I could hear LEMON!!!!!!!)

Of course, I'd choose Lovetown over both just so I could hear piano-based Running, One Tree Hill, Unforgettable Fire, and most especially, Hawkmoon 269.

Anyone else see the DirectTV Lovetown footage? U2 was on FIRE that tour. It is simply sick how good Hawkmoon 269 is live, 1000x superior to the Rattle version.
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Old 12-09-2001, 10:27 PM   #18
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My choice would be Zoo TV because of the great songs, what a spectacle it was, its edginess. I wish I'd been interested in U2 then.
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Old 12-09-2001, 10:43 PM   #19
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With better seats this time around.

Remember the goul.

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I think most of you are saying Zoo tv because you miss the tour or you just haven't seen it. Almost everybody here saw Elevation tour a couple of time or at least one time. You just saw it, this is why. The choice is easier than it should.


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