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View Poll Results: Which of these is the best "live" improvement over the album version?
Mofo 7 7.78%
Running to Stand Still 5 5.56%
Silver and Gold 3 3.33%
Bullet the Blue Sky 10 11.11%
Bad 14 15.56%
Gone 12 13.33%
Until the End of the World 7 7.78%
Exit 5 5.56%
Walk On 10 11.11%
Please 17 18.89%
Voters: 90. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 06-14-2002, 07:19 PM   #1
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Best "Live" Improvement

These are songs I think sound so much better live as opposed to the album version. Pick the Best !

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Simply and passionately stirring...Bad

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While I like the JT version of BTBS, the early live performances were a bit flat.

BTBS is about as good a live song as U2 does these days. I love the Stay/I've Got You Under My Skin version.
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Old 06-14-2002, 08:16 PM   #5
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I think it's a tie between Gone and Please.
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Originally posted by Bono's shades
I think it's a tie between Gone and Please.
I voted Please becaue the live versions from PoPmart and MTV VMA's 97 gave life to that song that the album version didn't even begin to have. Gone was one of my faves off of PoP, even though it was much better on PoPmart than anywhere else including Elevation tour IMO.

I kinda agree with you though. Also UTEOTW was a great album song that blew up live beyond my expectations

Nice thread Boris
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Old 06-14-2002, 09:10 PM   #7
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There are two glaring omissions from this poll:

1) Elevation

2) The Fly
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Originally posted by spanisheyes
Simply and passionately stirring...Bad

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I voted for Gone, because it sounded so much better on the Elevation tour than it did on Pop! It was harder rocking!

I really wanted to vote for New York but it wasn't there. Though I am a BIG ATYCLB buddy, I never really dug NY until I saw/heard it live. It was awesome and I came to really appreciate its lyrics, musical work, and the way Bono's voice sounds early in the song. I felt this way long before 9/11 but of course that gave it new meaning too. Some of the lyrics like 'voices on the cellphone, voices from home, voices down the stairwell' and 'lose your wife in the queue for the lifeboat' 'hot as a hairdryer in your face' and other things gave me chills after that.
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Old 06-14-2002, 09:38 PM   #10
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I voted for Gone as well. Although Bad is my all time fave U2 song I love the album version, just the way it is, neither more nor less than any live performance. As for Gone I would rather go with live performances, from both Popmart (my fave is So Paulo ) and Elevation tours.

Honorable mention is Dirty Day, IMO it should be on this that is a song really transformed when played during the Zooropa tour. Absolutely love it.

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Old 06-14-2002, 09:55 PM   #11
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I voted for Walk On. Man, that song got me good at the five elevation shows I was at.

Good idea for a poll.

If I Will Follow was on the list, I probably would have voted for that. That song is still going strong after so many years and it ROCKS in concert!
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With a token few exceptions, most of U2's songs sound SO much better live than on the album. Of course, since U2 are renowned for their live performances.

Of the choices you presented, I picked "Walk On." I just adored the "Hallelujah" ending. I especially loved the Grammy performance - by far one of the best versions of that song I've heard.
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[color=royal blue]

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The Fly
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This is an easy one for me.....Silver & Gold hands down is their best live "improvement" of any of their songs. Without a doubt, the other choices are worthy as well, but to me Silver and Gold live is 100 times better than the original B-side studio version and 1000 times better than the version that appeared on the Sun City album...which was actually just Bono going solo with a backup band.

So, what makes Silver & Gold the best live improvement to me? Simply put, it's Bono's passionate political commentary ( I'm a HUGE fan of the War-JT tour "political rants" & "preaching" Bono would interject into the middle of songs) and Edge's brilliant guitar solo. And, quite frankly, I can't think of any other U2 song in a live context that has left us with such a memorable quote..."Am I buggin you...didn't mean to bug ya...Ok Edge...Play the blues".

Silver & Gold was a mediocre song on the B side album version...but the live versions of the song really transformed this song into a politically charged, heavy-hitting live song that really fit well into the context of the JT tour setlist.

Yes, U2 have written much better songs in their career...but I don't believe they have ever made a so-so song sound oh so good live any better than they did with Silver & Gold.
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I voted for Mofo. The album version sounds weak and hollow, but when played live it is turned into a full sweeping anthem that captures what the Pop era was all about. By far the biggest improvement in my book.
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Old 06-15-2002, 12:14 AM   #16
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Where the hell is the Fly? That is the very definition of Live improvement over album version!


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I picked "Running to stand still" because of the ZOO TV version
I probably (even though one can argue about what has been added to the song) would have picked Streets if it had been up there
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PLEASE. I think Please album version would not fit in the top 30 U2 songs, but Please live version will easily make U2 Top 10.
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I voted for Until the End... a brilliant example of a merely good song transformed into an ass-kicking roaring monster live.

But personally I'd pick Dirty Day as the best live improvement. It's really flat and boring on Zooropa, but it almost steals the show on ZooTV in Sydney.
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Old 06-15-2002, 08:24 AM   #20
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As far as improvement... I'd have to put it between Bullet and Please, since they both changed so dramatically for the better.

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