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I Serve Larry's Stick
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Appreciate stuff here.....

Well, go ahead! Appreciate whatever you like here.

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MacPhisto appreciation reply:

- Well, it's the last one, isn't it? It's the last Eurovision, tomorrow night [Bono's birthday] Yes, I feel like a whole era has come to an end!

Pop music just won't ever be so exciting again, will it? I knew them all you know,
Lou Lou [Former Eurovision concert winner]
And the Brotherhood of Men [Former Eurovision concert winner]

-Teaching in
I thought them everything they knew, I
I showed them what to do, I thought them who to be. I know you young people like your popstars to be exciting!
[He shows his gold platform shoes]
Look what you've done to me!
The last time I was here I, I was only 5 feet 8. Now look at me, I'm gigantic!
You've made me very famous and I thank you!
I'd like to introduce you to *my* band:
On the right we have Reggie the Dog
Quite a singer Larry Mullen Junior
And the only, soul boogie brother in the band; Adam Clayton Campbell!
Roundabout this time every night I make a phone call. Sometimes to the President of the United States,,but tonight I'm going to call a taxi... To take me home

[He dials the number]

[Ultra Violet in background]

- Ja goedenavond [Good evening
- Hello, hello? Hello, I'd like to order a taxi to take me home, I'm very tired!
- Yes?
- My name is MacPhisto...
- And the address?
- Oh you know me! You know me very well!
- *laugh* I don't know...
- But I know you! Only even better than you know yourself!
- How do you know me?


Christopher Euphoric Firefly


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I appreciate my husband and my kids..

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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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*fluffy slippers
*house over my head
*Sydney summer
*family and friends who love me
*the men who hold the doors open in David Jones in the city
* people who get rid of the extra email addys on forwards
*my best friend who gives me so much and lets me give it back
*buskers who make the world sound nice when you walk through the streets
* good waiters- they aren't appreciated enough at all!
* public telephones that actually work
* people who say thankyou and you're welcome
* the security guys at the U2 concerts in London, except for Skipp the bald one who was just mean
* people who look at you when you're talking to them
* zookeepers
*all the friends i have made here and in other little pockets of the world on the net
* but mostly right now, pilots...

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