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This is the sweetest thread!

I met Mr. Cat when I was 14 and he was 18. My parents wouldn't let us hang out together, cuz he was "told old and a bad influence" Well we still saw each other on occasion, since we had met thru a mutual friend. after a few months though he left to go serve over in Operation Desert Storm. He wrote to my friend often, so I heard about him, but I was young and didn't give it much thought.

So 6 years later, the same friend had a birthday dinner and invited me along. After I get to the resturant she informs me that she had invited Mr. Cat as well. When I realized it was set up I was getting ready to leave when this gorgeous guy rode up on a motorcycle. When I realized it was him I figured a girls gotta eat right? So I stuck around. We talked a bit and when it was time to leave he walked me to my car and asked me for my number. He told me he knew I just got out of a rocky relationship and that we could just hang out as friends. I said that was cool and gave him my number.

Three weeks later after lots of hanging out and making out, we were talking late one night. I asked him what he thought about marriage. I meant like in general, did he plan on getting married some day to someone. He said to me "Well I'm not working on Saturday so you wanna go to Vegas?" I was a bit shocked and told him it was funny to mess around with someone. He said he was totally serious, we could drive to Las Vegas which was about 3 1/2 hours away, get married have some lunch, and drive home. I wasn't old enough to gamble so no sense in stay. He told me to go home, think about it, and give him a call the next day.

So when I called him the next day, I asked him if he was really serious. He said of course and if I wanted to get married to come down and get his ATM card and to go buy myself a ring! He already knew me so well by then that it was just easier to let me pick out what I wanted. I'm not a flashy girl, so a diamond ring wouldn't have been a good thing at that point. So I found a ring that I liked and bought him a gold band.

We went back to his parents house that night and woke his dad up from the couch to tell him. Mr. Cat got down on one knee in front of his parents and asked me to marry him. I cried. hehe His parents said they weren't surprised that the knew we would get hitched eventually, but they were a bit shocked that we wanted to go to Vegas. But they broke open champagne and said that we could do whatever would make us happy.

My parents didn't handle it so well. They got a bit pissed off. They thought we were crazy, they hadn't really even met Mr. Cat yet. My aunt even offered me a trip anywhere in the world if I didn't marry him. I kick myself now I should have taken the trip and then married him anyway!

Well we never did go to Vegas, but we did get married a month later. To make my parents happy we had a nice wedding with our friends and family at my inlaws house. It was really casual and fun. But my mother pretty much got what she wanted I wore the stupid wedding dress and behaved myself for the day.

We've been together 9 years and have two little girls now. Next year we are throwing a big bash and getting remarried. My mother already asked if I could dress normal and behave for the day!!! I said You've got to be kidding, right! Little does she know that I'm designing my own dress and getting a new tattoo for the occasion! Hell Mr. Cat wouldn't expect any less from me. If you can't piss off your family for the one you love, is life really worth living?! I don't think so.

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Originally posted by Russty Cat
We've been together 9 years and have two little girls now. Next year we are throwing a big bash and getting remarried. My mother already asked if I could dress normal and behave for the day!!! I said You've got to be kidding, right! Little does she know that I'm designing my own dress and getting a new tattoo for the occasion! Hell Mr. Cat wouldn't expect any less from me. If you can't piss off your family for the one you love, is life really worth living?! I don't think so.

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I met my husband, Sam, on a band's message board three years ago. He would post long political diatribes about how much he hated America, Americans, and the US government, while I was an American living in America and working for the US government. He sent me a PM one day because we seemed to have a lot in common (same tastes in books, music, films, etc. and similar personalities), and I mentioned an album (Tom McRae) that I thought he'd like and said I'd send him a copy. We started exchanging packages, had a couple of awkward phone conversations where neither of us could understand the other's accent , and after a few months finally confessed that we liked each other. I went to England to visit my friend who was doing her MA in London and met Sam in person then. Within a week, we were engaged (no one I worked with even knew I was seeing anyone, so they were all shocked when I came back from England with a ring on my finger!). Sam did what he said he would NEVER do and came to America a few months later to visit, and in June 2003 I moved to England.
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Great stories!

Karl and I must have crossed paths several times before we were officially introduced, as we went to the same high school for 2 years (he was 2 grades ahead of me). We met my senior year of high school when my friend Ryan was in the school musical - he invited his family and friends (including Karl and me) to come and watch the musical. Karl and I happened to sit next to each other and we heckled Ryan together from the front row for the whole show! A week later we were "official", now together 11 years, married almost 7 years.
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The last girl I really liked I met in here, but I wasn't in the right place in my life to really give her what she needed.
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Originally posted by Techie2000
How did your meet your spouse/significant other?
i walked in on them
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He sang With or Without You to me at Karioke...and still does..

I think that pretty much did it for

Actually had a friend tell me that my soulmate was out there driving a gray vehicle from somewhere starting with a canada california or chicago....trying to get me out of my condo to meet people.

Had a night off work and plans for a girls night out that were cancelled due to illness (at the last minute) since I was all dressed up I decided to visit a local pub that had karioke. When I got there my ex (stalkerman) was there and well to pleased to harass me. A kind gentleman was watching how uncomfortable I was and decided to rescue me with conversation (so the mutt would quit dumping ice down my back and other childish things so becoming a 40 year old) and we just started chatting and singing to eachother through the night...we still sing togethre often and have a lot in common.......
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I met him at a bar playing pool. ( i was actually on a date with someone else at the time)
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I hate all of you

I wish I had some romance in my life
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Originally posted by Sicy
At the place where I dance. Jim was a teacher and my mom had started dancing and she kept bugging me to go check it out and take some lessons. He wasnt my teacher but I met him and ended up dancing with him a few times here and there. He finally asked me (well he asked my mom first if he could ask me out ) to a salsa club and the rest is history!

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