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Zooropa - Part 3

"What do you mean, light years away?????", Edge jumped up, startled.

"Son, I'm sorry... but its true.", the man said, feeling bad for them.

"Can you explain any of this.. at all?", Bono asked, getting a little annoyed now, as Larry started biting his fingernails nervously.

"Actually..." the man said.. obviously thinking it over in his mind how to say it.

"Actually... I think I might know."

"I'm not gonna sit here and listen to this bullshit..", Larry said, getting up ready to walk outside.

"Larry! Sit down." Edge demanded.

"Why the fuck should I? This man is probably just fucking with all of our heads", Larry said, turning red in the face. Veins in his forehead popping out.

"Larry.. calm down. Sit down. How else do you explain the stuff outside then?", Bono said softly... actually being the one to try and calm it all down.

Larry just stood there... scared out of his mind, just as all of them were... but just didn't wanna face something so... unreal.

"Please, continue..", Bono said to the man.

"This isn't something new.... I've seen this happen many times before..", the man continued...

Bono fiddling his thumbs about and Adam calmly listening as Larry was trying his best to keep still. And Edge.. well Edge was just listening in shock.

"There's many UFO abductions that go on at Earth. Most of them are sent here.
Its somewhat of a normality here..." the man said.

"Normality??", Edge questioned.

"Yes." the man answered.

"Okay, we're listening..", Bono said... trying to digest what the man was saying. Not sure in anything that was happening to them at this moment.

"How do you know English?", Adam asked... rubbing his chin.

"Well, that's just what I was about to get into, for a matter of fact.
I'm a hybrid. Half human.. Earthling.. and half Octaligiopian. My father was abducted from Earth and fell in love with an Octal while here. Our basic anatomy is very similar to humans. Just, pure Octals are much shorter and have electrical impulses in their body... which well.. I'll get into later..", he continued.

"Electrical impulses? I can imagine what the ladies are like here", Bono lit up.

"Bono.. shut up..", Larry bitched.
Bono gives him a scowling look.

"So, you are a hybrid. Thats... odd. Do they ever return people they kidnap?" Edge asked.

"We don't really know what happens. I do know a few in the past had been returned. But what they really set off to do is take over the solar system and make Earth theirs. But right now, its more of a testing ground here, on humans. Not like... any scientific experiments, but the melding.. and they let them just.. go about themselves and see what happens. " the man said.

"what happens if they fuck up?", bono said.

"good question!" adam blurted out.

bono smiles at him.

"fuck. that is a very interesting word", the man said.

bono starts laughing... and edge smacks him.

"hey! what the hell is that for?" bono snapped.

"shut.. up!", edge gives him a look like a parent scolding a child. lol.

"is he always like that?" the man asked edge.

"yes, always. dont mind him." edge said. adam starts cracking up.
edge then gives him a dirty look.

"so, they wanna take over earth? and exactly how do they plan to make this work?" bono questioned.. starting to get into truly serious-mode.

"once they decide its time.. they will take over the infrastructure of the governments and then voila! the people will have no choice..." the man said.

"but um... there'd be a total revolution and people raging out... imagine the chaos. i cant even begin to imagine it all..", bono said... shaking his head of the thought.

"well, then that'll have to happen then. it'll be a battle of both sides. but given that the Octal's are a civilization thats been around much longer than humans... and much more advanced.. they will most likely succeed. i am not saying i think its right. trust me, i dont. but also, dont blame the everyday folk here. its the government of our own world that decides this stuff. most people here dont agree with it, but over time.. they have given up fighting it.
its all run mainly by two persons... King and queen Zort.."

"Zort? what the fuck is this?" bono said, thinking this guy must be on something now.

"Here.. take a look at this book. It'll explain everything. You guys take all the time you want... and can stay here as long as you want. But I will answer all of your othere questions.. and help you anyway I can.. but I must hurry and run an errand that I am running late on.." the man said.

"How do we know you're not gonna come back with King and Queen Zort.. or some Zort army and have us all killed or something.. or that you'll never come back?", bono asked.

"Trust me.. I'm not with them.. and I'll be back.", the man said.. walking out the door.. as he runs into someone.

"Hello, dear!!!", the man greeted.

The band turn around and see him talking to a young lady... who walks back in with the man.
She had beautiful long dark hair.. with red highlights.. and eyes that pierced a smile from within, yet had an exotic thing to them as well.. and a smile that was contagious. The whole room lit up when she walked in.

"Boys.. this is my good friend Kristen. Kristen.. these are my new friends.. um.." the man forgot who was who...

Edge stands up right away.. as Bono does.. beating him to it.
"My name is Bono..." as he takes her hand and kisses it, bowing to her as if she were a princess. Their eyes met with an electrical spark.. and she felt herself blush. "Nice to meet you", he said, smiling, having trouble taking his eyes off hers. "Nice to meet you, too", she blushed at Bono's charm... and his touch.

"My name is Edge..", Edge extended his hand to hers. "Its very nice to meet you, Kristen". she bows her head... as Bono interrupts.. "Also known as THE`Edge. Or Edge The.."

Kristen laughs, as Adam does too in the background. She looks to him.. and he walks over.. "Ahh.. and my name's Adam. Adam Clayton".
"Nice to meet you as well, Adam", she said, gleaming that smile that literally tossed Adam off his feet.

"And this is Lardence..", Bono grinned pointing to Larry, who shakes her hand.
Kristen chuckles at Bono.
"That little shithead likes to call me that. Its actually Larry...", larry corrects.. giving bono the most pissed off face.
"Nice to meet ya Larry"

"Watch out for that psychopath over there. he's trouble", larry says about bono.

"hey! i'm an innocent guy!", bono defends.

Kristen is red in the face with laughter and says, "well, i can look out for myself.. so if he makes any trouble.. he'll know. but hey, he seems harmless to me" she winks and grins, gesturing to bono.

bono laughs, "see. she likes me already!"

"ehh.. not too fast!!" kristen laughs.

"ahh damnit.." bono pouts playfully as edge rolls his eyes at him.


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electrical impulses hah, i really like this story--its funny, stick with it!

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This is great! I'm also writining a supposedly fuuny fanfic, but it's not a patch on yours!
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