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Zooropa - Part 2

The guys looks behind them at what they had thought was the White House.. but now looked like a giant yellow colored mushroom shaped 'hut' of sorts, with pinkish dots all over it.

"What the fuck is this Return of the Fuckin' Smurfs?", Bono said, wincing at the bright colors, beaming against the sparkly daylight star that was shining overhead. His sensitive eyes not used to it.

Everyone was speechless. Just staring. Confused. This was obviously not where they had been earlier.

It all started out as a regular summer day. Bono was to meet with some politicians at the White House to discuss some issues in Africa, and propose a few ideas for some charity benefits. His bandmates came along with him as support. A typical day of sorts, well at least for this gang.
Waiting in the halls, what they thought was an earthquake hit. Everyone started rushing around, and a blinding light took over the entire hall and next thing they kew, they had awoken to an unrecognizable place and had thought armegeddon had hit.

"Well, I'd say that decided to drop the bomb on us, but if that were the case, we are either dead and this is the afterlife... or we seriously are in for some deep shit..", Larry blurts out, swatting one of the odd bugs away from his face.

"I don't think this is Earth." Bono said, flatly.
"Then where the fuck are we then???!!!", Larry said, getting seriously pissed off... as yet another bug started fucking with his hair. Which was oddly, still held in place perfectly after all that had happened.

"Lets just walk around and see what's... um, around here, I guess..", Edge said. They all trusted Edge's instincts the most in the band, when it came to thinks such as... the unknown. lol.

"You think there's anyone in there still?", adam asked.. thinking of going back in.

"No, we checked.. there's no one. Its just... mold-like junk all over. Everyone's dissapeared. There's no way there could be anyone in that", Edge stated.

"um.. Bono? Do you happen to have your army-knife with ya, by any chance?", edge asked. thinking maybe they might need in, just in case for protection.

"No, I lost it the other day..", Bono said.
"You fuckin' lose everything, damnit!", Larry said, pissed.
"Look, okay. I'm only human...", Bono replied, snippily.
"Yeah... sure..", Larry snapped back.
"What the fuck is that supposed to mean, Lardence?", bono fumed.
"Ok, guys.. shut the hell up. We don't need anyone getting into any bloody fights right now, or to draw any attention thats not needed here, okay? So, shut up.", Edge demanded of the two.

Bono and Larry just went silent, pouting, like little kids. lol.

They walked for what seemed like hours, but it was just... purple sand and no being in site... a vast, yet beautiful desert-like horizon of in the distance.

"Maybe it was a supernova explosion of some sort. One of those cosmic burst like things, and set a bunch of planets and moons into our solar system.. and this is really earth, but its just been fucked over like a bomb went off..", Adam thought out loud. Actually, it wasn't so much of an odd theory.

They all look at him a little weird...

"If this is another planet.. then how the fuck did we get here?", Edge asked.
"I don't know..." Adam said as his voice trailed off when they are interrupted by a strange noise.
"Whats that?"

"Sounds like a buzz...", adam said.
"Its coming from underground", Bono said, moving around looking at the ground, afraid it was about to give in on him.

All of the sudden a huge bulge forms in the ground and "KABAAM!!"

Edge grabs Bono and tosses him out of the way before Bono even realized what had happened.

Now, leaving a giant hole in the ground.. they all stay back.. afraid to move, look, or if another one is about to happen.
Bono looks at Edge.. the man that's just saved his life.
"You okay??", edge asked concerned.
"Yeah, I think. Thanks, man... you just saved my feckin' life...", Bono said, shocked at what just almost happened.

"Oh Jesus, what's that smell??", they all said, holding their noses.
"Its smells like its coming from down there..", Bono said.

Larry gets up and walks towards the hole...
"NO!!!" they all scream.

Larry goes to it anyway and looks down.

He keeps staring.. and staring.. Edge runs up to him and goes to move him away from it... but Larry comes back..
"Guys.... there's a fucking um.. city down there...", Larry said.
"Are you joking???", adam asked.
"No, I am serious... its an entire other land down there...", he answered.
"Like the Hollow Earth theory", edge and adam both chimed in at the same time, looking at eachother suprised as the others look at them with the funniest faces.

They all look down there, and see it for themselves.

Something they never thought possible.

Skyscrapers... which looked unlike any on Earth, flying mobiles, and alien-like birds flying about. Some sort of a 'sky' illuminated this underground world. it was as if they were looking up from a spaceship.. it was so far down but the scrapers were so tall they could be seen well.

"How would we even get down there??", bono asked.
"I dont know.. we can't stay up here for long..", bono said.

"Hey, lets just keep walking a little further.. there's something up a little further.... maybe we can get a better look...", Adam said, waiting for agreeance from the others.

"Alright then.." Edge said, looking at the others, as they shake their heads.

They keep walking and walking and finally see up close what they saw earlier.
A grassy-like area with another little mushroom-like hut.
"Great, we're all gonna be killed now.. oh thankyou very much edge and adam.. oh thankyou..", larry shreaked, nervously like a big baby, whining.

"Dude! Will you chill out??", Bono said, almost about to laugh at the scene Larry just made, but held back from the anxiousness of what laid beyond.

They stand there in front of the hut.. for what seemed like forever.. arguing over who was going to knock on the.. um 'door' or go in...

Then the door of the hut opened..
"Whats all this noise?" a voice said... emerging from it a short, wizard-looking like man. Maybe 3 feet tall. Long greyish hair, kind of like a midget-wizard hippy. He looked very annoyed.

"Um... sir.. sorry.. we... uh..", Edge started stuttering.
"Who are you?", the man asked.
"We.. um..", edge continued stuttering.
Bono nudges at Adam, whispering "Doesn't he remind you of a miniature version of Guggi?"
Adam almost cracks a laugh, but holds it on as the guy and Edge are having a going nowhere sort of a conversation.
"Sir, we're lost.. we don't know where we are. We don't even know how we got here...", Adam decided to speak up and say.
"Right", Edge then said. lol.

The man looked at them for what seemed like a very long time, studying them. Looking over the lens' of his reading glasses to get a clearer look.

"Earthlings...", he muttered.
"Huh?" Bono asked.
"You from Earth?" the man asked.

"Yes. what the hell?". Bono said.
The wizard guy smiles, "Ahhh.. come in.." he said inviting them into his hut.
The guys are a little hesitant.
"I'm not gonna bite! Jeez.." he said welcoming them in with a gesture.

They walk in.

"Sit down. Want some tea?", the man asked... as they all sat around his table.
"Sure!" Adam blurts out... without really thinking, who knows who this guy is. lol. The rest of the guys look at him weird.
"Um..", adam says...

"Um, no thankyou..." the rest say.
"Suit yourselves", the wizard said.

"So, you don't know how you got here, eh?" the man asked rhetorically.
"No, we were at the White House in Washington DC and there was a huge ruckus, an earthquake.. or something and then we woke up here..", Bono starts rambling.

"HAH! Washington DC.." the man laughed.
It made them a little uneasy.
"Whats so funny?" Bono asked.
"You sure are a looong way from there!", he said.

The man gets up and goes to get a book from his bookshelf.

"Where are we? and um... this is gonna sounds crazy.. this isn't earth, is it..?" bono said... getting nauseas from nervousness.

the wizard man grins and comes back to the table with the book in hand.

the inside of the hut.. looked almost like any ordinary home on earth. just didnt have a TV. there were water faucets in the kitchen from what they could tell, and windows, and he had pictures on his walls, a radio.
man, this was weird.

"This ain't Earth, boys.." he said, opening the book showing them some map and pictures ... on the front of the book, it said, "Octaligiopia".

"Octa..li..", bono struggled pronouncing it.
The man laughed.. and corrected him.

"Thats where we are???"

"Yep, sorry boys, but Earth is a very many light years away from here.."

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"How would we even get down there??", bono asked.
"I dont know.. we can't stay up here for long..", bono said.

THAT line was SO funny!!!
And many others...it's cazy your fic...but interesting!!

I love it!!!
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