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You've Got Mail - Part 7

Here's the next bit. I really appreciate those of you who've left feedback. Please let me know what you think of this next part:

Part Seven

Jessie wiped her sweaty palms on her jeans and tried to calm the butterflies in her stomach. She straightened her War tour t-shirt for the tenth time in as many minutes, pulled out her compact and checked her makeup for flaws.

"Will you stop that!" Pam exclaimed. "You look great! Even if this Bono guy doesn't show, you're still sure to pick up a few strays tonight." Jessie stared at her friend in something resembling abject terror.

"You don't think he wouldn't show do you? I mean, what if he shows up but for some reason chickens out at the last minute and doesn’t introduce himself?" Jessie looked up as their waiter approached and asked for a glass of water. This early in the evening, and her not being much of a drinker, she was worried about what the introduction of alcohol might do to her already stressed system. Pam obviously shared none of her qualms as she ordered herself a double martini.

"Thanks again for coming with me Pam, I just couldn't bear to face this situation alone." Pam nodded absently as she sipped her drink.

"Hey no problem babe, I've been trying to get you out for weeks now. If I have to suffer through meeting this 'friend' of yours to do it, I'd consider it time well spent….I love this song! 'Hey baby, Hey baby, Hey' come on Jess let's dance. It'll loosen you up." With that Pam reached out and dragged her protesting friend out to the middle of the floor where they began to sway along with the rest of the crowd.

As the song neared completion, Jessie checked her watch nervously and made her way back to their table. She'd had to decline three offers to dance while out on the floor, and she really didn't enjoy all of the attention. She straightened her shirt once more and cursed herself for not asking this "Bono" to wear something specific so she wouldn't be the only one waiting for someone to approach.

She looked out at her friend still dancing like it was the last night on earth. She smiled a little at herself…there she was thinking in U2 lyrics again. David would have been so disappointed. He was always after her about her obsession. She thought he may have actually been a little jealous about her total devotion to the group. He just didn't understand how much their music meant to her. It seemed like U2 had been something of the soundtrack of her life. When her father lost his job at the mine and her mother had to go back to work. Then in high school when her best friend had died in a senseless motor accident, they'd been there for her. Their music lifting her through it somehow. She sighed. It probably was a little silly the depth of her devotion to a simple music group. Maybe she should get a life.

That's what she had been trying to do with David. They had met in a bar similar to this one and hit it off straight away. But the more she got to know David, the more she realized that all of his charm was simply a game he played for the opposite sex. Something he used to draw them in and trap them. But Jessie refused to be trapped. That was why she'd moved to Chicago in the first place and taken that stupid job at Smith & Jones.

The sound of grating giggling distracted her from her reverie and she looked up towards the door. A group of about six underage girls seemed to have conned their way into the bar. They were giggling over their own cleverness and looking around eagerly at the place as if it were some sort of Mecca, and the legal frequenters something closer to gods then real people. It was then that Jessie noticed what they were wearing. From the cheeky blond to the rotund brunette, all six seemed to be sporting something proclaiming their complete and utter devotion to U2.

Jessie groaned. Of all the times to randomly encounter an underaged group of crazed U2 fans!


Bono alighted from the back of the cab with a spring in his step. Edge had unsuccessfully tried to talk him out of this meeting, but Bono would hear nothing of it. After months of talking to this girl he was incredibly excited about meeting her. He already had a picture of her in his head…she seemed a little shy, probably wore glasses…maybe a brunette, with sensible tastes and good shoes. She said that she didn't get out much, so it was possible that she didn't know the in's and out's of makeup and such. She probably had a quiet beauty that shone from within.

Bono sighed expressively. His poet's heart could really commune with a girl like that. Of course he'd be happy whatever she looked like, and he was actually beginning to be a little nervous about the prospect. It was all that talk from Edge that was doing it.

He paused in front of the door. He could hear the music from here, pumping out into the street like the heart of some giant monster lying in wait to devour whoever dared enter its domain. He caulked his head to the side, he could almost distinguish the tune from here…but then the back beat of so many songs these days sounded so much alike, it could have been any one of them. Finally deciding he had delayed long enough, the leather clad rock star squared his shoulders, pushed his hand back through his hair and opened the door.

He blinked against the sudden contrast, not that it was so light outside, but streetlights were different then those of a club. As his eyes adjusted he began to slowly scan the room. Almost immediately his gaze was drawn to a table at the back where a gorgeous red head was quietly sipping her drink. It looked like water from here, but for all he knew it could have been vodka. He watched the graceful curve of her head as she bent to her glass, and was forced to swallow as her full lips closed around the straw. Her skin was a creamy gold with a light smattering of freckles across her nose. She was dressed in a simple black t-shirt and jeans, but from what he could see they hugged her body like a second skin. She stood and he drew his breath in sharply at the soft swell of her breast, and the subtle flare of hips. He could feel the first stirrings of desire as she turned and he saw her eyes. Wide soulful eyes, like those of a doe in the woods. Eyes that could hold a sea of emotions, eyes that he could imagine beneath him even now clouded with desire…bedroom eyes, that's what she had. Dangerous weapons if she ever learned to use them properly. He shook his head. He wasn't here to pick up random girls. Even if she was just possibly the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

Jessie stood and tried to see Pam over the crowd. She seemed to have disappeared at some point during the last song. As she stood, she felt a hand on her shoulder. This was it! Turning, she plastered a smile on her face and blanched involuntarily at the vision that confronted her. A large meaty man, his face damp with perspiration stood there grinning. She quickly regained her composure and muttered a startled "hi."

The man stood back and looked her over, "Well aren't you perty as a picture," he said, his foul breath hitting her in the face and forcing her back a step. "I noticed you here sitting all by yourself and thought you might be lonely. Are you lonely sugar?" At this the man placed his hand once more on his shoulder and leered suggestively.

Jessie grimaced and brushed the man's hand off her shoulder. "No, really I'm fine. Thank you for your concern. I'm actually waiting for someone." She looked around frantically desperately wishing Pam would miraculously re-appear.

The man looked up at her from his beady little eyes. "Well, shoot there must be something wrong with the man to keep someone like you waiting. Are you sure you wouldn't rather have a drink with me?"

Jessie smiled politely, "no, thank you…I'll just wait here." With that she deliberately turned her back on the man and sat down. She could still feel his unwashed presence linger uncertainly behind her before finally getting the message and wandering off to his next conquest. She sighed in relief. This was exactly why she hated going to these places. She was always being hit on by that sort. She shuddered a little. The mere idea of even being in the same vehicle as the guy just gave her the creeps. Picking up her drink once more she resumed her study of the crowd.

Bono smirked appreciatively at the redhead's shudder. If he'd had something like that approach him he would have done much worse. A shrill scream startled him out of his reverie and he turned to face what appeared to be a stampede of adolescent females. Before he had time to react they were upon him, swarming like vultures over a battlefield.

"Oh my God! Bono! Is it really him?" This from a tall blond wearing jeans covered with grafitti and rhinestones, not unlike those Edge sported in the cover of Achtung Baby. His brief analysis was confirmed as the girl thrust her breasts at him and a picture of the car emblazoned on her chest was brought immediately to his attention

"I love you Bono!" cried a small brunette.

"Will you sign my shirt Bono?!" asked another as she shoved by her friend in an attempt to get closer. All of the noise and attention was drawing a small crowd as more and more of the bar's patrons recognized the famous man and began to excitedly pick up on the young girls hysteria.
Bono smiled and tried to appease all of the people clamoring for his attention. Finally, one of the bouncers made his way through the group to his side.

"Sir, maybe if you sat at one of the tables, they could form a line and we could get rid of some of this commotion." Bono hurriedly agreed and followed as the large man directed him to a table at the side of the room. A line formed almost immediately and Bono set to the task of signing and talking to the unexpected rush of people. He really enjoyed his job and usually loved meeting his fans, but with all of the U2 memorabilia the young girls were sporting, he had no idea how he was supposed to pick Jessie out from the crowd.

Jessie looked up as the screaming started. Her heart gave an unhealthy lurch as she saw who it was. Bono?! From U2? Here?! What was he doing here of all places? Was it even really him? She looked again and saw a line forming as the clubs bouncer sat Bono down at a table. She briefly considered staying where she was and waiting for her "Bono," but being a fan himself, surely he'd understand that an opportunity like this wasn't to be missed. Hurriedly she downed the rest of her drink and joined the back of the line.

"What did you say your name was?" Bono strained to hear as the young girl leaned in, making sure he got a good look at the abundant cleavage showing through the top of her torn "Boy" shirt.

"Alison" the girl repeated.

"Alison…that's a nice name." Bono scrawled something in the notebook the girl handed him. "I really love your music," she stated.

Bono smiled. "Thank you" he replied, "that really means a lot to me." The girl blushed and moved out of the line. The next girl to take her place was the blond from earlier. "And what's you name?" he asked. "Jessica" the girl stated. Bono paused.

"Did you say Jessica?" he asked. The girl nodded eagerly.

"You don't happen to frequent the zoo do you?" The girl furrowed her brow in confusion.

"The zoo? You mean like where they keep the monkeys 'n stuff? I went there once with my mom." Bono shook his head.

"Nevermind," he returned the girl her CD cover and looked to the next in line. It was the redhead. Now that she stood right in front of him he could see the War emblem in the corner of her black t-shirt. He smiled slowly.

Jessie fidgeted nervously as she made her way to the front of the line. As she approached the table Bono looked briefly at her War t-shirt and smiled. She blushed and pulled on it nervously.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"J..J…Jessie" she replied, stuttering a bit. Bono leaned forward striving to hear her over the pounding backbeat.
"What was that?" he asked.

"Jessie" she said a bit louder. Bono shook his head a little and scrawled something on the napkin she handed him. Jessie took it and moved out of the line. She made her way quickly to her table and sat down again before reading his message.

On the napkin in an unkempt scrawl were the words: "To Jaime, Love Bono." Jaime. He thought her name was Jaime. Jessie sighed. Her first chance meeting Bono and he thought her name was Jaime. She carefully folded the napkin and put it in her pocket. Glancing at her watch she realized that she'd been there for over three hours. It looked like her "Bono" wasn't going to show. Getting up, she pushed her way through the crowded dance floor over to where Pam was currently entertaining three men.

"Pam, I'm gonna go okay? I don't feel so good." Pam looked at her friend in dismay.

"But I wanted you to meet my friends. Jessie this is Mark, John, and Dominic." She pointed to each of the men in turn. Jessie nodded politely.

"Nice to meet you all, but I really do have to be going." With that she turned on her heel and made her way to the door.

Bono signed the last of the autographs and got up. He looked around the room, but realized now the futility of actually spotting Jessie in this crowd. Resolutely he ducked out the door and pulled out a cigarette, drawing the nicotine deep into his lungs he exhaled and watched the plume of smoke rise towards the sky. Just then the door to the club burst open beside him. Not wanting to confront any more eager fans, he pulled back into the shadows. It was the redhead from before. Bono looked her up and down appreciatively. It really was too bad he'd already committed to this Jessie girl…who seemed to have stood him up. Otherwise, he would certainly take the time to get to know this vision before him. The vision walked purposefully to the curb and hailed a cab. Just as the cab pulled away the door to the club burst open once more.

"Jessie!" the girl yelled, clutching a jacket in her hand. But the cab was already gone. Bono started from his place.

"What did you call her?" he asked. Pam jumped back in surprise. She hadn't noticed the leather clad man lurking in the shadows.

"Jessie. That's her name." She replied

Bono looked off after the cab and swore softly under his breath.

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Oh no! Poor Jessie and Bono.....

Loving this actually, sometimes these kinda things can be way too cheesy, but this is good And I like the details and descriptions you include, they make all the difference. Looking forward to the next bit!

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Oooohhhh, oh, no! So close...

Way to keep the suspense going, though. . Looking forward to the next bit.

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Re: You've Got Mail - Part 7

Originally posted by KieraAnne
"You don't happen to frequent the zoo do you?" The girl furrowed her brow in confusion.

"The zoo? You mean like where they keep the monkeys 'n stuff? I went there once with my mom."

*dies laughing*

"What did you call her?" he asked. Pam jumped back in surprise. She hadn't noticed the leather clad man lurking in the shadows.

"Jessie. That's her name." She replied

Bono looked off after the cab and swore softly under his breath.
I can't believe!!
*feels sad for Bono and Jessie*

I love this story so far!Keep posting,please.
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Re: Re: You've Got Mail - Part 7

Originally posted by Supernova
I can't believe!!
*feels sad for Bono and Jessie*
My thoughts exactly.

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I want to read more! Keep posting, please!
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