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Your Own Dream Landscape

They say there's nothing more boring than listening to someone talking about the dream they had last night. But I think if it's a dream about U2, one can make an exception.

I went through my old journals and found all my U2 dreams. Here they are, mostly verbatim from my original writing. I know people have shared their U2 dreams on PLEBA in the past, but it'd be cool to have a collection of them all in one thread, so re-post 'em if you please.

Enjoy and share!

P.S. If you don't read any other one, read at least the very last one I've posted. It's by FAR the best.

26 Oct 1998
The very first dream I ever had with U2 in it wasn't really about them, it was about this teacher that I had a crush on in high school. I got called out of his class, but I didn't want to miss his lecture, so I leave a tape recorder behind. When I return, some kid has taken it off my desk and is playing with it. I wrestle it back from him and take it home with me to listen to. But when I get it home, there's no lecture on it, It's just songs from "War."

22 Oct 1999
I dreamt I went to an Aerosmith concert in this big spacious warehouse. There weren't that many people there; the ones that were sat at the back. I danced very badly to "Walk This Way," then Steven Tyler invited some guy up from the audience to sing a U2 song. Eventually I figured out that Aerosmith was more or less facilitating a karaoke concert. While this guy was singing the U2 song, some punk in the audience was trying to make him laugh and mess it up. I scolded the punk for his disrespect for U2's music.
So anyway, I decide to do some karaoke myself. I pick "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," and get in line to sing. According to the clock on the wall, it takes 7 or 8 hours for the three people ahead of me to do their sets! And when I get up there, I realize I don't know all the words! So I get an elementary school rival of mine to look up the lyrics on a computer for me. But by the time she does, Aerosmith's left, so I say "Screw it" and go home.

2 Feb 2000
The details of this one eluded me, but basically what happened was, I was waiting in line with my mom for what seemed like forever so I could get tickets to Zoo TV, but when I got up there I found out I was actually there to visit my father in prison.

10 June 2000
My roommate and I are hosting a party; there's about twenty people there. Bono's there. So we're just hanging out, and all of a sudden I yell out, "Let's play Truth or Dare!" I climb over my roommate on the couch, right into Bono's lap, and say flirtatiously, "I want to play Truth or Dare with Bono!" And suddenly we're all over each other. Making out in front of twenty friends. The strange thing was, in a little piece of irony worthy of ZooTV, the whole time we were making out I was distracted by the television. It was showing a documentary about Bono. So we were, like, lip-locked but my eyes were wide open staring at the TV to my right.

12 July 2000
In this one I went to bed with Bono in a literal sense. I walk into a dark room, illuminated only by the light coming from the adjacent bathroom. Bono is lying in bed, sick or drunk or both, and I crawl under the covers with him, but remain sitting up, trying to comfort him. When he falls asleep or passes out or whatever, I laid down and put my arms around him. It was that wonderful feeling of being in bed and suddenly you feel the sphere of warmth that the other person has created. I was looking forward to spending the rest of the night like that, with him, but the next thing I know, he's hopped out of the bed and I look down to see that rather than Bono, I am holding in my arms a mannequin.

23 July 2000
I dreamt I was at a family gathering at my aunt's house. I excused myself, went to the bathroom, and was dancing provocatively to "Billy Boola" in front of the full-length mirror. But I was caught by my family and laughed at.

28 July 2000
A very telling thing about my dreams: often the whole dream is me looking at stuff on the computer. In this dream I was reading an article about a U2 concert from years back. The crowd had been chanting all through the show, "We want to see Bono's arse! We want to see Bono's arse!" The article was cagey about what happened next, but let on that Bono did indeed give the crowd what they wanted; he mooned them.

I had another dream about U2 that same night. I'm standing on a theater stage, and in front of me are Bono and some other musician, engaging in witty banter. It all seems very contrived, as if they are reading the lines off a page. Then Edge comes on stage and Bono and Edge are all buddy-buddy and the crowd is groaning at how cheesy it is. Now I get it: this is a beginning-of-show Grammy-concocted all-star skit. I think, "Okay, so it's cheese. That's fine, then," and watch. Just before Lenny Kravitz comes on stage, Bono gives Edge two kisses, one on the cheek and one on the neck just above the collarbone (!).

11 Aug 2000
This is one of those dream-within-a-dream things. I'm sitting in a pick-up truck with Edge. I'm embarrassed because he keeps catching me staring at him. Later in the dream, I think, You know, Edge would be even better looking if he weren't so overweight. Then it occurs to me: that was just a dream! Edge isn't really overweight! Whew!

24 Nov 2000
This dream takes place in what they called the Atrium at my alma mater, the Art Institute of Seattle. It's like a cul-de-sac at the end of a corridor, with doorways on all sides. My (now ex-)boyfriend Colin is there, but he never speaks. Bono is there as well. He's wearing ripped cut-off cargo pants with enough holes in them that I can tell he's wearing striped boxers. He catches me sneaking glances at them. He decides to mess with me, so he grins and pulls down the cargo pants to give me a, erm, better view of his boxers. I'm shocked, but things quickly calm down again and Bono goes and sits on the floor by the elevator. I decide to make Colin jealous, so I go over to Bono and kiss him and we talk for a few minutes and he tells me he wants me to go to bed with him. He goes in the door which in real life leads to the women's restroom, but in the dream leads to a darkened bedroom. Bono is lying in bed, and I crawl in with him. We start making out; he was a really sloppy kisser, tongue hanging out and really drooly. But I'm enjoying it, him being Bono and all.

28 December 2000
I walk into my 11th grade Spanish class and find U2 has enrolled in the class. I sit and talk with them; I'm a bit confused. First I think, wow, Bono sure is wise for a high school student, but then it occurs to me. These guy's are all 40! Anyway, so I'm glad to see U2 but I REALLY wanted to meet the Police. I look around for them, which was kind of rude I guess, but I don't see them. I do find, however, that Larry has drawn this picture of Stewart Copeland. It's not a very skilled drawing, but I tell him it's cool anyway. But then Larry takes the picture back and tears it up, which upsets me.

WARNING: THE NEXT DREAM CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT. At this point you can either stop reading or start reading, depending on what you're into.

3 July 2001
This was one of those waking dreams, where you can hear stuff going on but just incorporate it into your dream. My alarm went off and was playing "Beautiful Day," and I dreamt I was filming the video for that song. Then I got to hang out with them. We're all on this really big bed, and Adam and Larry are both masturbating; it looked like they were making it into a race. The rest of us don't seem to think it's anything unusual. Then this small Asian woman comes in and picks Adam up and sets him in this wicker chair. When she does it he's still twitching, as though his orgasm was so powerful, he's still recovering from it.

8 July 2001
I was at a U2 concert. It was a strange setup: instead of the audience in the stands and the band on a stage, everyone was on a big dance floor. Bono was the only member of the band I saw. He was just wandering around the dance floor in his muscle shirt, singing "Discotheque." One would think he would always have a huge crowd around him, but people were pretty evenly scattered. I did walk over to Bono at one point; he had people around him handing him small pieces of paper. I figured out that what you do is buy these little ticket-like things for two bucks a pop, and they all have little sayings, like words of wisdom, on them. And you hand them to Bono and he'll read them aloud to you. I thought that was kind of a waste of money, but I guess I could be wrong.
*This is where Mona brainstorms all the things she'd write on pieces of paper and sneak in for Bono to unwittingly read aloud*

14 July 2001
In this dream I'm running around Seattle at night with Bono. In the dream, I think, he was an even more powerful, famous person than he is in real life. I was holding this book called "Words of Wisdom from Bono" and we walked into a huge department store called "BonoWorld." As soon as we got there, Bono scurried off like a kid in a toy store and I didn't see him again.

6 August 2001
I'm at my Grandmother's house, making out with Adam in the living room. Well, we weren't making out per se, it was more like we were wrestling playfully on the couch, and then on the ground. He was wearing my Police t-shirt. We were kind of feeling each other up and I finally got the guts to kiss him. Just once, but it was great. His mouth tasted really nice.

24 Sept 2001
In this dream I was dating Edge. It started out at this high school. I'd seen U2 around, so I decided to bring a pair of binoculars to school so I could gawk at them. Well one time I'm doing this and I see Edge in the cafeteria. I chase him down, and once I get there I realize he's not wearing any trousers! There's all sorts of people gathered around, waiting to see what I'll do. I guess they know about my infatuation. So I just grab him and give him a big kiss. Everyone around yells and cheers. He's very shy; he smiles sheepishly and kisses me back. I think it's at this point that he puts some trousers on. But it keeps getting stranger. I notice that he is very short. I can comfortably rest my arm around his shoulders without raising it above a ninety-degree angle. Also, he smelled odd. Not bad at all, just nothing like I'd ever smelled before. We walked home together, to an run-down old apartment building. I tell Edge to go on up to my room, I'll be up in just a minute. I get my mail and start to head up, but I can't get into a working elevator and the door to the stairwell is locked.

25 Sept 2001
I walk into the kitchen of my parent's house and there's Edge, standing in front of the stove. I put my arms around him, slide my hands down, and grab his arse. I mean really GRAB it. I tell him he's got a great arse, but in the dream I'm disappointed 'cause it's actually kind of flat and bony. I push him up against the stove and unzip his fly and that of course is the point where I woke up.
*Beats head against desk* ARRGHH.

21 Oct 2001
I dreamt Bono and Edge were on "Jeopardy!" I don't remember any of the details, but when I told ScottPhisto we kind of made some up:
BONO: I'll take "Short Leather-Clad Irish Rock Singers" for 500, Alex.
ALEX: That's not a category, Bono.
EDGE: Wanker.

4 Nov 2001
I went to a costume shop to get a Halloween costume (okay, so I was a little late). I couldn't decide if I wanted to be the Fly or the Mirrorball Man, so I figured I'd just look around and whichever one I found all the elements for first, that's who I'd be. But I ended up getting distracted by looking for sequins and a pair of jeans so I could make my own Bedazzled jeans. By the end of the dream I was all sorts of pissed off because I couldn't find ANYTHING I was looking for.

7 Nov 2001
This one may sound familiar, it's the origin of Animatronic Edge:
I dreamt I was walking by this music shop and I looked in the window and there was this Edge robot on display! He was very realistic; life-size, looked like he was Joshua Tree-era, with the long hair and all. But he had no hat, poor guy. The only thing that really gave away that he was an android was that his movements were rally robotic. Anyway, he was sitting in this chair by the window, playing with a kitten! I joined a crowd that had gathered by the window outside to watch him. People seemed amazed by the Animatronic Edge. I went in the shop itself and pretended to be interested in the merchandise, the whole time watching Robo-Edge out of the corner of my eye. He was still playing with the kitten. I was surprised that an automaton could be so gentle w/ a small animal, and that the kitten wasn't scared at all.

15 Nov 2001
This isn't really a U2 dream, but I thought it'd be worth mentioning that in this one, Gavin Friday gave me his entire collection of pornographic magazines.

20 Nov 2001
I dreamt these women came into my old room at my parent's house and were going through my stuff. I didn't know who they were and I was really irritated. They were like soccer-mom types, and I was upset about their arrival 'cause a lot of my porn was lying around and I didn't want them to see it. Then these two women started TAKING my stuff! Just random things, like a magazine or a fork. One of them took one of my porno tapes. I went over to her and said "You realize this is porn?" She gave it back and I looked at the label: "MacPhisto appears courtesy of Dreamchaser Productions" or something like that. I was shocked. Not that MacPhisto was in a porno, but the year on the label was 1988. What?! MacPhisto was around in 1988?!

22 Nov 2001
This was just about the coolest dream ever. I walk into the auditorium of my elementary school, a place where a suspicious number of my dreams take place. I was about to see a Clash concert. The place was pretty packed. Just before the show starts, Bono shows up! He's looking around for a place to sit. I stand up, ready to leap into the seat next to his. At first, I'm frightened that someone may beat me to it, but apparently today is my lucky day. I literally do leap into the seat next to the one he's just chosen. I try to act cool; I greet him casually and grin. He smiles back, seeming to understand that I'm a fanatic and being very nice to me. Since we're here at their show, I try to strike up a conversation about the Clash. He mentions that they were his first concert, but then just arbitrarily starts to flirt with me, and very heavy-handedly. So much that even I start to get a bit vibed out. When he says something about me being "his girl," I say, "Um, aren't Ali and Jordan and Eve your 'girls'?" He grins and says "Yeah" in a gravelly voice and kisses me on the cheek. Apparently "Yeah" meant "Lets not talk about them right now, eh?" He continues to flirt, grinning and generally being very fidgety, jumping around. He keeps giving me little kisses and finding excuses to touch me. It was really nice because this is one of those dreams where I could actually FEEL instead of just see and hear. I could sense his body heat and feel his leather coat brushing my skin. I'm so overjoyed; not just because it's Bono but because it's a man who shows affectionate interest in me. It starts to get pretty hot and heavy between us; the show started long ago but the house lights are still up, so we're pretty visible. But after a while I just don't care. During intermission, he gets up and leaves. I'm more nervous than sad; I know he'll be back, the question is, will he still sit next to me? I wait, my mind racing with ideas for snagging another seat next to his. But upon his return he plops down in the seat next to mine with no hesitation. I'm thrilled. He continues his casual fondling and kissing. I don't reciprocate much; I'm not sure why, maybe I'm just stunned because he's so giddy and affectionate. The most arousing thing occurred when his kisses became increasingly moist and lingering and moved from my lips and cheeks to my throat. I was breathing heavily. It went on for quite a while. The auditorium was noisy and ultraviolet-bright, but I didn't notice. When the show was over, he let up a bit. We cuddled a little more and then he left again.

"Oh my god!" a voice from behind me squealed. It was a girl I knew from school. "You guys! Everyone was paying more attention to YOU than they were to the CLASH!"

"Really?" I was embarrassed and proud at the same time. Dude, I just TOTALLY made out with BONO! I left and walked down to this wax museum nearby. The wax figures were not only very realistic, but animatronic as well! (Here we go again...) I stop and watch the Woody Allen figure talk. They all have pre-programmed voices. The Woody Allen figure is very accurate, very amusing. I keep moving. The U2 figures are here somewhere, I know it.

When I go upstairs there's an office, but somehow I know it's just a setup. I walk past the reception desk, where the wax Edge is taking phone calls, to this private office which turns out to be a talk show. And there's Bono, a guest on the show. Is it really him, or a wax animatron? I don't know. He doesn't acknowledge me. Suddenly I'm back in the auditorium. But now I'm closer to the stage. The show's long over and many people and some of the chairs are gone. I sit there, close to the door, and wait for Bono to come back. When he does, he sits very close and I touch him and marvel at how realistic he is, for an animatronic wax figure. His palms are warm and slightly damp. He's so real! I even stop to consider the benefits of having an animatron as a lover. You can control when it just wants to cuddle and when it has an erection that needs to be tended to. What a boon to frustrated women like myself.

We were still cuddling when I woke up.

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whoa, echo, you're so well documented. and you have a lot more U2 dreams then me. a sort of homecoming is a great song, i'm listening to it now.

i had a U2ish dream the other night. i was talking to my best friend and she was telling me about a nightmare she had just had. (dream within a dream. weird.) anyway, she said she was so scared she woke up hugging her EDGE DOLL. so i asked her if an edge doll is like a PLEBA doll (?) and she said it was.

it was a strange dream, but doesn't an edge doll sound cute!? i want one for christmas!

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Those are great!!!! I wish I had that many dreams about them!!!

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Wow intresting dreams

I dunno about Larry and Adam having a masturbation competition lmao I couldn't stop laughing at that one ahh lmfao

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I just had my first U2 dream last night...must have been from all the U2 I watched on VH-1. Anyways, I was in an apartment with Bono and we were cleaning. We were talking about writing, I was asking him if he knew right away that his lyrics would work or if he had to do alot of re-writing. He said he did alot of re-writing, but knew when he was onto something. THen it changed and we were walking down the street and I was telling him about poems and stories I had written. It was a kind of boring dream, but very cool because I was totally relaxed around him, we were just hanging out together. My first U2 dream!!
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Wow Echo, interesting! :-P Heres one of mine:

My mom and I were at a U2 concert. (Which is really weird becuase she lives about 3000 miles away) There wasn't a heart, it was a regular stage. (Poor Bono!) Anyway, there was a huge wall rising in front of us, making a large area very high up. We could still see becuase the stage was above the crowd. I was really upset because we were in the back of the wall. There really weren't many people back there, and they were all kind of milling around, not looking at the stage. I asked my mom why we were back here. She said that we could go meet Larry! I was stunned. She led me to a small brightly lit hallway. There were tiny windows cut in the side and I could see the crowd on the "elevated" area moving and throbbing with the music. I was desprete to be with them! Then we turned a corner, and there he was! He was sitting on his Harley, drinking a clear liquid, probably water. I was confused about why he wasn't on the stage playing. He came up to me and said "Hello, doll." I almost fainted, he called me doll! I managed a hi, and I held out my CD for him to sign. He wrote "It's all about the drums doll" Then he gave me a kiss on the cheek. It was really sweet and light, and he smelled soooo good! He said I could watch the show from the little area in back of the stage where you have the best view of his arse! But then I woke up! Nooo...well it was a really weird dream.

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