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When Love Comes To Town....Part 11

It had been one week since the announcement of Claudia's and Ben's renewal of marriage.Courtney and Zak were still angry at her ,but decided that if she wanted to spend another 50 yrs with Ben, that was her decision and they couldnt change her mind. All they could do was be happy for her and nothing else.She hadnt spoken to Larry since that day they fought ,and eventhough she couldnt care less what he felt and how he reacted, she missed him a lot ,for some reason. She found herself sitting outside the studio ,wondering if it was worth going in there and trying to talk to Larry , or just leave and not think about him.It was about minutes to 1 when she saw someone on a motorcycle, knowing that it could be him, she got her self prepared and slowly got out of the car.

"Alright .... *she said to herself as she slowly walked towards him* let's just get this over and done with ,besides he can yell and curse all he wants, I really don't care,"

*As she made her way up ,Larry had just taken off his helmet and got off the bike*

"Hey Larry ,how do been?"

*Larry looked at her*

" Boy ,when I finally thought that I wasnt gonna see u again ,u appear," *he smiled*

*Claudia looked up at him *

"Hmmmm still mad at me I see *she leaned up against the wall and fold her arms*

*Larry stood infront of her*

"U know.... actually I realize that I'm a jackass for the way I acted, u wanna make the wrong decisions in ur life ,then fine, u go right ahead,"

*Claudia looked back at him*

"Ur right..... my decision , it's not like we related ,it's not like we've been best buds since school, so u shouldnt be even pissed at me,"

"Alright then, *larry looked at her* r u done? Because I have stuff to take care of ,and a date later, so if u don't mind I'm gonna go upstairs now,"

*Claudia looked at him*

" Date? Who's the lucky woman ?"

*Larry came close to her*

"A friend , *he looked at her* why ru looking like that? Why do u even wanna know?"

*Claudia looked at him *

"Looking like what? Look for ur information u brought it up ,I'm just surprised that someone would wanna date u,"

"Oh ru jealous?"

*Claudia laughed at him*

"Jealous???? of u???? r u kidding? *she showed her ring* I'm engaged to be married again remember ....why would I want to be with u?"

*Larry looked back at her*

"Nice ring...... Ben should be ashamed of the way he buys u things to manipulate ur mind ,to try and get u to forgive him, he should be ashamed of the way he treats u, and yet u still love him,"

"That's right... I still love him and u ,Courtney and Zak should accept that," *Claudia replied*

*Larry looked at her*

"U love him ,but he doesnt love u , that's nice Claudia ,that's real nice, u know u shouldnt have men advantaging u like that ,ur a sweet girl ,u deserve someone else, not that screw up,"

"Oh really *Claudia answered back* so , if u were at a bar and I was at a bar ,wearing the skimpiest outfit, u wouldnt come over to me and ask me to sleep with u?"

*Larry stood there*

"First of all I'm not the kind to go sleeping around with every lady I find ,and second of all ,I would come up to u and ask ur name ,offer u dinner ,find out more about u, depends on if ur the kind of girl that I think I would like to date again , I'd ask u out."

"I see, so what do u want me to do Larry?"

*Larry looked at her inquisitively*

"About what?"

"About Ben?" *Claudia replied back*

"U want me to leave him ,get divorced ,so that u and I can hook up and be together and u can have the chance to show me how a real man is suppose to romance his woman?U want me to say that I'm falling in love with u,?"

*Larry looked at her*

"R u? Because u wouldnt be here if u didnt , or wanna make peace btw us,"

*Claudia looked at him*

"Don't be silly, I'm not here because I'm falling inlove with u, I cant even stand u ,or be near u, u drive me crazy ,ur getting a fit because I'm marrying my husband ,u look at me the way u shouldnt be , u like ur own way , u think u know so much about me when u don't, does that tell u that I'm falling inlove with u?"

*Larry looked back at her*

"Oh yea???? well u irritate me , u frustrate me , u make me mad everytime I see u, u want everything to be perfect, ur so sickening with ur "I love Ben ,I'm married remember" , ur fav words btw, u have a rude attitude towards ppl ,and .....u don't even look good in those dresses,"

*Claudia looked at him*

"Really??? please the nite of the party I could feel ur eyes all over me when I had on that dress, so don't even try that,"

"Nah I wasnt looking at how u looked in the dress luv ,I was looking at the piece of lettuce that was stuck btw ur teeth," *Larry replied*

*Claudia smiled at him*

"This is crazy ,I shouldnt even be here ..... u know what , I'm leaving ,I'm not wasting my time here with u, I have things to do,"

*Larry smiled at her*

"Then ,why ru still here? Shouldnt u be in that fancy car of urs ,going home to ur husband?"

"U..... god.... I could slap u so hard right now," *Claudia looked at him*

*Larry looked at her*

"Ooooohhhh I'm so scared, big bad Claudia is gonna scratch my eyes out ,or smack me,"

"Shut up ! Just shut up ,and btw I didnt come here to see u , I came here to see Bono ,so when he comes in ,tell him that I wanna talk to him,"

*Larry looked at her*

"I'm not ur messenger ,tell him urself , u think u could make me jealous with that scheme?"

"U think u could with "I have a date"? *Claudia replied back*

*Larry looked at her smiling*

"I do.... who knows maybe we would get serious , and I would finally forget about u,"

Claudia :-

"Like if I could care less... I don't want u thinking about me or caring either,"

Larry :-

"U know this is kinda getting stale now, I'm kinda tired can u go so that I can get to work? Oh and when u come to visit Bono ,just make sure that I'm not here first, cause we'd go throu all this again and it's kinda annoying,"

*Claudia looked at him*

"Fine..... just don't ask Courtney and Zak about me ,ever.As we said I never met u and u never met me, that's the way u want it ,that's the way u shall have it," *She backed off the wall ,and started walking towards the car, but before she could Larry grabbed her hand*

"U think that ur so important ,that u could have ppl practically worshipping u ,wake up call baby , that's not so at all. So I could care less about what happens to u , or even want to know , whatever u were hoping on having btw us ,is over, u go one with ur life and I'll go on with mine,got that clear?"

*Claudia *

"Larry.... I don't want to leave things like this , the real reason I came here ,was because I miss u so much ,all the times we hung out together ,all those times u made me smile ,I was really happy that I had u as my friend, someone I could talk to and listen to what advice u had to offer, but because I wanna make my life better ,u don't want to be apart of it. U know what ,fine..... I'm done ,I'm done trying to make things better. I'm so tired of arguments btw the ppl I love and I don't have the energy anymore. *She looked at him* Good bye.....*she gently placed a kiss on his cheek* Ty for everything,"

*Larry grabbed her hand again*

"Claudia.....please don't marry him....please he's not the right person for u ,he doesnt love u like. I....*he stopped* don't reuin ur life to be with him ,ur smart and loving and caring.U deserve a life of happiness ,not hurt."

*Claudia looked at him*

"Ty .....but ur nothing to me remember ,u had ur chance and u lost it, I have to go now,"*she walked away from him*

"Be with me," *Larry shouted out*

*Claudia turned around*


*Larry looked at her*

"I want u to be with me........ I'll give u the world of freedom , I'll take care of u , I know this sounds crazy ,but....... I cant let u do this,"

Claudia :-

"U don't know what ur saying...... this is crazy, I have a wedding to plan, I don't need this....don't do this to me ....ur right.... that kiss did change everything btw us, but I'm not gonna let it reuin my happiness with my husband."

*Soon after Edge pulled up*

"Hey Claudia how u doing"?

*Claudia looked at him*

"Fine ...ummm Edge I gotta go ,"

*She looked at Larry*

"I have to get some stuff done,"

*Edge looked at her*

"Alright then, cya around,"*he drove his car into the garage*

*She looked at Larry one more time ,then got into her car and left*

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Are we going to get to read more? I know I'm horrible about posting comments, but I was enjoying this story. I'm dying to know how it ends.

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Hmmmm I thought for a second that ppl were not interested anymore in my story. Anyways ....I got a job ,so I'm hardly on here anymore and my computer is messing up badly. So as soon as everything slows down ,I'll be back with the rest of this story ,thanx for ur comments thou ....*smiles*
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I have been checking for the rest of this story for a while. sorry i havent commented much lately but I had to reinstall my comp then sign back in with interference again... but good to know there is going to be more
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I know.... I'm planning some more right now, I do hope this computer at home would start working again.Right now I'm using every chance at work to use the pc, if only I could use this computer to write my stories....... *smiles evilly* nah, the boss walks around alot so I would get into trouble....but I promise all u Larry fans that I would return with some nice chapters for u.
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