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The little stranger pt7

Bono never got to his own home till the following late afternoon. They had all crashed out at Adams place,where he had slept of his hangover that morning.
When Adam had shooed them all out of his house because he had to fly out to the south of France to meet up with his girlfriend, he had given Bono a lift back to his house on the way.

Bono got into his house and was heading for the stairs to go up and have a shower and get changed, then he noticed a young blondehaired woman on her way down the stairs making him stop in his tracks wondering for a moment who she was.

Karen had just finished feeding Katie and putting her down for her afternoon nap and was taking the feeding bottles down stairs to the kitchen to the sterilizer and caught sight of Bono at the bottom of the stairs, his blue eye's filled with startlement as he caught sight of her, she had the advantage over him that at least she recongnised him and knew he was

Bono made a quick recovery seeing the feeding bottles in the young womans hands he now realised who she was, he smiled
"You must be the new nanny..ah Karen if I am right ?" he was pleased that he had remembered her name at least.

She smiled as she came down the rest of the stairs "Yes thats right, Karen Jackson"she informed him

Bono held out his hand to shake hers flashing her his famous smile "Nice to meet you Karen, how is everything? are you settling in ok?"

"So far yes everything is fine" Karen replied shaking his hand briefly

"Great" Bono smiled "Well if there is anything you need or want to know if I am around just give me a shout" he told her

"I will Mr Hewson" she replied

Bono looked at her "Oh Gawd don't call me Mr Hewson makes me feel old, Bono will do"

Karen felt her face heat up "Sorry" she apologised "I-I wasn.t too sure how to address you"

realising he had embarrased her Bono decided to quickly put her at ease "Its ok .. understandable under the circumstances, not your fault just my ego getting in the way as usual" he winked making her smile.

None of her former employers talked to her like this before.. but then none of them had been a members of a famous rock band either, this was a whole new ball game, she hadn't expected him to be as informal as this.

"I have just settled Katie for her afternoon nap" she then informed him "if you want I will let you know when she wakes"
"Sure thing" Bono smiled "I am just going up to my room to freshen up been a bit of a heavy 42 hours for me.. so maybe cya around later"

"Yes" Karen replied stepping aside so he could go up the stairs.
" Well like I said Its nice to meet you at last Karen, and I want you to know if Liv thinks you are great, you have my vote and I know Katie is in good hands" he told her

"Thank you" she replied and watched him take the stairs two at a time thinking into herself so that was the great man Bono.. he seemed nice enough but he certainly must have had a rough 42 hours he definatly needed a shave.

Liv dropped by a few hours later and was met by a more cleaner shaven Bono, though she noticed the dark circle under his eyes and there was a weariness about him.

"Congratulations on getting the album finished" she told him "I mean despite after all thats happened these past few weeks"

"Yeah well its nice to know I can do something right" Bono replied
Liv frowned "Hey C'mon you are not still blaming yourself someway for Angie's death are you?"

Bono shook his head he wasn't in the mood for talking about it "nah.. forget it" he said dismissively then changed the subject.

I finally got around to meeting the nanny you hired.

"Oh Karen.. she is a great girl" Liv beamed.

"Yeah seems so.. though she looks a bit young what age did you say she was again?"

"I know she looks about 19.. but she is 24 and very capable" Liv assured him.

"I am sure she is" Bono replied "I am glad you dropped by I need to discuss some things with you. now the album is finished its going to be full steam ahead promoting it"

"I see" Liv replied "Well as the album as been eagerly waited on over the past year or so.. I can't see a problem with it doing well.. after all it is a U2 album everyone will love it"

Bono grinned "I love your confidence in us Liv, but I won't be happy till I see the reviews once it is released and the feedback from the fans, and I need to be out there getting the feedback, you know how I like to be in the thick of things"

"Sooo there is no hope for my the little speech I intended to give you, that you should take some time out and relax after all that has happened lately doing any good?" Liv enquired.

"Sorry Liv, but taking it easy is not something I was planning on doing just yet, we got to promote this album.. then there is the tour to organise and there is other commitments I have"

Liv sighed " yes..I know you too well by now Bono, you always got to be out there striving to do something even when its the last thing you should be doing.. and I know as for trying to talk sense to you I might as well bang my head against a brick wall.. but I still thought I would give it a try"

Bono went over and hugged her "Its great you understand me so well Liv, thats why you are my fav person"

"There is no need for all that flattery and charm" Liv grinned pushing him away a little "I just want you to promise me something though" she then looked solemn

"If things get on top of you.. you make sure you give me a call"

"I will" he promised giving her another hug.

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oops I meant to post this in the fan fic section ....sowwies could someone shift it for me *blushes like mad and blames her kids for distracting her when she was posting*
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