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the little stranger pt 14

Karen noticed the change in Bono over the next few weeks, he seem to become more withdrawn and subdued, even though they had made a public statment clearing up the newspapers claims saying that as he had preferred his privacy about his daughter being born, he had kept quiet and kept her out of the limelight until now.. and the mystery woman was her nanny.
Even when the tour ended successfully and they had a party to celebrate, he didnt seem to want to be bothered too much. Liv had come over to join them in America Karen was really glad to have her around.
She needed to ask her some questions, after all that had happened lately, no one else seem to want to say anything. she waited till she got Liv alone one evening as they ate in the hotel resturaunt
"Liv, I don't mean to be nosy.. but there is just something that doesn't add up"

Karen noticed the guarded expression on Liv face, "Oh yes how do you mean?" she enquired.

"Well its to do with Katie, when I started working as her nanny, well I always thought there was something odd about the whole situation, like That Katies nursery was more like a guest bedroom before we done it all up... I mean usually people do up the nursery before the child is born.. not four months later.. then Bridie let it slip one day that Katie was born in America but at the time of her birth Bono was In Ireland.. when I asked her if Bono could not be there for Katies birth.. she got all flustered.. said she could'nt stand around gossiping all day... Now this latest incident that absolutely none of the media in America or in Ireland was aware of Katies existence... that is why they assumed she was mine.. I just find it strange"

"Yes well it is a little complicated" Liv replied with a sigh "I can't go into it too much you understand, not because I don't trust you..but because I have to respect Bono's privacy on the matter"

"I see" Karen replied with a thoughtful frown "Well I guess all I want confirmation that I am not getting paranoid in thinking something was wrong around the time of Katies birth"
Liv smiled "No you are not and it is understandable espicially when you found your name dragged into it.. I am so sorry about that"
she then apologised.

"Its ok.. at least it is cleared up now" Karen replied, and tried to bury her curiousity about what exactly had happened when Katie was born.. after all it was not really any of her business.

Now that the tour was finished Bono declared he was going to spend some quality time with Katie in his place in LA, so he could unwind.

Karen expected him to come around now that Katies 1st Birthday was coming up..but instead he seem to get more morose
and was drinking a lot, Karen was concerned, she didnt want to phone Liv who was getting a well earned holiday in Austrialia with her husband and kids. Bono was very attentive with Katie, but at the same time he was not his usual self.

She tried to respect his privacy, at the same time she wished she could help him with whatever was bothering him.

She decided to approach him two days before Katie's birthday , she had settled Katie in her bed for the night, and found Bono
downstairs in what he referred to as the den, where he was surrounded by various musical equipment, there was also a tv in the room, he was lounging on the small leather sofa watching videos of Katie that Karen had done months ago, sipping his drink and seeming lost in his thoughts that Karen had to knock the door of The Den three times before he realised she was there.

"I'm sorry I didnt mean to disturb you" Karen spoke up."If this is a bad time I can leave it till tomorrow"

"Nah.." Bono replied and motioned for her to come in "What is it?"
Karen came into the room "Its about Katies Birthday.. if you were making any special plans for the occasion"

Bono looked thoughtful "I guess I should really.. it should be special...." he trailed of there taking another drink then he ran a hand wearily through his dark hair

"God I don't know Karen, this should be a happy occasion instead I feel a complete mess" he then confessed

"Why?" Karen was bewildered by his attitude. "what is so awful about Katie's Birthday that its made you so depressed?"

This made Bono laugh a little sarcastically "Maybe the fact when she was born I had no clue she existed till three months later"
Karen blinked, not sure she heard him right.

Bono realising he had blurted out something he preferred very few to know about, felt like kicking himself, the drink and his reflective mood and loosened his tongue... but there was no going back now.
"Yeah now you know the truth" Bono then said.

"I-I don't understand how could you not know she existed for three months"
"You better sit down" Bono told her "its a looong story"
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