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The Linden Girl. Pt1

disclaimer: though this story is kind of about a real person, it has no bearing on any sort of reality except in my bad imagination and my inspiration to write an historic story which has been messing around in my brain this last few years. much inspired by watching Sean Bean in Sharp.

it's not my fault Edge fits into my main hero character so perfectly for this story that I finally got it out of my head and into words that just had to write it


(Ireland 1822)

It had rained heavily over the last week, and was still drizzly and grey, The river had swollen and was moving swiftly . Katrina Linden wavered on the embankment watching the foaming swirling ripples, almost mesmerised by them, know that just a few steps forward and the river could take her, it had the power sweep her of her feet and carry her body away into oblivion.

Then she wouldn't have to think, she wouldn't have to feel or care anymore… it was almost inviting. ‘Death was preferable than returning back to him’ she found herself deciding as she shuddered thinking about her lecherous Uncle, whose groping hands she had fled from and escaped this far

Hesitantly she took a step forward, “If only she could find the strength and nerve to fling herself into the river she would be free from all her worries and sorrows that had been heaped upon her this past few months from her father had died in debt and disgrace

She had lost her home, her way of life, everything that was dear to her. What was the point of going on? She pondered desperately.

So intent was she on her own demise, she was not aware of the well built bearded man walking along at a leisurely pace leading his horse by the reins, he came to a halt as he caught sight of her standing so close to the river.

His green eyes survey her intently, something in her stance started the frisson of concern growing in him, he recognised her, not that he knew her personally, but he knew who she was, Katrina Linden only daughter of one of the local gentry landowners James Linden, who had recently died.

He had traded in horses with the man on occasion, though not recently. Which was just as well, because it was discovered after his death he owed everybody after losing most of his money and estate in gambling debts.

Which was why he was concerned for this young woman, who was standing pale and ghostlike by the river, and looked like she might fall in any moment.

Perhaps she was still grieving for her father and was seeking privacy, he was not too sure if he should disturb her. Yet something compelled him to get closer to find out if she was alright.

He was trying to decide, how best to approach her and speak to her, when his horse standing next to him impatiently whinnied and snorted.

They young woman Katrina swiftly, looked around for the source of the noise that disturbed her. Startled to see the man and his horse, she stumbled on the edge of the river bank slipping and losing her footing, falling into the river with a squeal of alarm as the coldness send a shockwave through her body, she gasped for air and struggled vainly as she felt the strong current pull her down.

“Shit!” The bearded man had reacted almost immediately, jumping into the river after her, managing to get a hold of her arm before she went under completely,

With renewed strength that they would both be drowned if he didn’t, he fought against the current managing to get his arm around Katrina and hold her above the water. He swam towards the riverbank managing to grab an overhead branch of a tree, and praying that it would not break, before he was able to haul them both back onto the river bank. It helped greatly that Katrina had grabbed the branch as well, giving him a bit more leverage.

Much to his relief he found his feet on muddy ground as they dragged themselves onto the river bank, panting and shivering in shock.

His first concern was for her as she lay beside him, he finally released his hold on her, “Are you alright?” he enquired

Katrina found herself looking into his concerned green eyes and manage to nod her head, “I think so. Th-thank you” she added in afterthought still breathless her chest heaving painfully.

She found it ironic that she was thanking him for saving her from drowning, when just a few moments beforehand she was considering throwing herself into the river and ending her life.

It was a bizarre situation, and as she glanced at her rescuer she couldn’t hold back the laughter that welled from somewhere deep inside her at the thought she had almost achieved her wish to die, but she had somehow survived it, and she wasn’t sure if she felt relieved or angry

He was looking at her strangely, and she couldn’t blame him, he probably thought she was mad she decided, her laughter growing even more hysterical, until she realised it wasn’t laughter but huge whooping sobs that were being squeezed from her body, and she couldn’t make them stop.

His arms were around her again, his voice gentle in its attempts to sooth and calm her down, “You are going to be alright, you are safe. Sshh”

She could feel the dampness of his shirt against her cheek, and underneath the muscled strength of his firm chest where she buried her face and tried to regain some semblance of control within herself again. Her hands clung onto him, feeling this time she was drowning in her own hysteria and she had to hang onto him tight to pull herself back from the brink.

“I am sorry” she finally manage to gasp, as her body shuddered in his hold. She was finally able to stop sobbing and pull herself together

“It’s alright, you are probably suffering from shock” he replied, “We need to get you home and out of these wet things before you catch your death”

He was a practical thinking man, who was sometimes baffled by the ways of the female species. And right now this young woman baffled him even further by her reactions as she suddenly pulled away from him vigorously shaking her head.

“ I have no home.. not really, and I can’t go back, not there, I won’t” she sounded horrified at the idea, “You should have just let me drown” she then said despairingly.

“Now why on earth would I want to do that?” he sounded incredulous at her dramatic declaration.

“Y-You don’t understand, my uncle he-“ she broke of there lowering her, head not daring to say the words to this man, her rescuer, suddenly filled with shame, “I can’t go back” she stated quietly but firmly

“Well you can’t stay here like this, surely you have friends, someone you can turn to, apart from this uncle?” he probed, realising this uncle whoever he was, had put the fear of God in her, he had his suspicions why, but decided this was not the time to voice them, he could see she was not in a right state of mind to deal with it.

She shook her head, gulping down the lump rising in her throat, “There is no one, my father died in disgrace you see, those I thought were my friends, suddenly distanced themselves from me, as if I was tainted by my fathers dishonour” she explained quietly

“Typically bloody upper classes” He muttered in derision.

“You see now why it would have been better, if you had just let me drown” she replied bitterly

“That is not an option,” he replied, “And one I think you should stop considering, it would just be a terrible waste of a young life” he sounded as if he was almost scolding her

“Then what is going to become of me?” she enquired in the same despairing tone

“We will figure that out once we get out of this damned wet clothes” he replied getting up on his feet with a look of determination.

Then he looked down at her still sitting on the embankment, woefully wet, bedraggled and miserable. His heart went out to her.

“Do you trust me?” he asked quietly

She looked up at him, into those gentle green eyes, and she knew she had nothing to fear. She nodded her head, “Yes I do”

He bent down held out his hand towards her, “Then come with me Miss Linden, I will make sure you will come to no harm” he promised

She wasn’t even sure why she believed his words. All the men in her life had let her down so far. She had no reason to think he would be any better. Yet there was something about him, a quiet strength and self assurance that exuded from him she had never been aware of in any of the other men in her life

She knew he was different, she knew she was safe, even if she couldn’t explain it. It did not matter he was from a lower class There was a sense of honour about him, and he was trustworthy. She put her hand in his feeling the firm grip of his long fingers as he helped her to her feet.

Silently she let him lead her over to his horse which was nibbling on the rough grass a few yards away, then he helped her up onto his horse, which didn’t take much effort as she was an excellent rider and had loved horses from she was a child.

“Now to get you sorted Miss Linden” he smiled up at her as she took the reins. It had the affect of taking away some the cold damp misery she was in, and lifting her despondent heart a little. She felt no longer so alone in the world, somehow in him she reckoned she had found a friend…..


You have me at a disadvantage sir” Katrina spoke up as the horse trotted along the rough road, its owner walking along side them. Now over the worst of her own misery, she had become curious about her rescuer.

“It seems you know my name, but you have not introduced yourself to me yet” she pointed out as he looked up at her enquiringly

“Forgive my terrible manners” he begged apologetically in realisation this was true.

“The name is Evans, David Evans, but I am also known to those close to me as Edge, I am a trader in Horseflesh, even made a few deals with your father, which is how I recongnised you” he informed her

“Why do you get called Edge? She asked frowning in bewilderment at such a strange name.

“It’s a nickname of sorts, stemming from my ability to aim my gun and shoot successfully in my time served in the Kings army during the Napoleonic war” he then explained,

“You fought for King George?” she could not hide the surprise in her voice

“The kings shilling filled my belly and that of my family when there was nothing else for it. In my station in life we do not have much choice as to where our next meal might come from” he informed her meaningfully.

“Of-Of course, that is understandable” she replied feeling thoroughly put in her place.

“You speak with the tongue of an Irishman, yet the name Evans, it is not Irish if I am right?” she then queried

“You are correct, my father was from Wales, my mother is Irish, they settled here when they got married I was born here, so I consider myself an Irish man through and through” he stated

“I see” Katrina replied digesting all he told her, intrigued by what she had learned.

“Have I answered all your questions to your satisfaction?” he enquired with a small smile showing good humour in his green eyes as they rested on her.

“Yes” she managed an inkling of a smile herself in return, “Well-actually, there is one more thing I would like to ask you” she suddenly realised, “Where are we going?”

“A fair question” Edge nodded before answering,

“We are going back to my humble abode, sure it isn’t as grand as Linden Hall and what you are used to, but you will be safe and warm and dry, and I think that is good for starters” he finished cheerfully

Shivering in her cold damp dress Katrina only too happily agreed…….

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She has my name! I feel so special.

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Its pretty cool that its historical.. how do you come up with Idea's like this???
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I like reading novels and watch movies and tv shows from the 17-18th century period, which is probably my biggest inspiration,

this story in particular was kind of thought up in my head after watching a tv series called Sharp which was taken from books by Bernard cornwall Sean Bean acted the series, he had an Irish sidekick called Harper,

it was set during the napoleonic wars, So I kindda pinched the idea from that, about an Irish soldier returning home after the war ect, my perfect romantic hero
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Very good nice to see some fanfic in a different setting.
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Great story, annj. I look forward to more!
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How did I miss this Oh well, I am caught up to read pt. 2

BTW annj

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