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The Linden girl pt 11

I had to get this chapter done today or go mad with it playing in my brain

proceeding with the seduction of Edge and the entrance of Bono


Katrina sat on the bed, staring at the closed bedroom door, feeling sure Edge was not sleeping any better than she was. Apart from the attack on their home, which was enough to keep her awake, her mind was on more personal matters.

She knew things could not continue as they had, their relationship was changing, growing into something, she just wasn’t sure exactly what it was yet.

She was sure it was Edge’s sense of honour that prevented him from taking her to his bed, and also some loyalty to his dead wife, she could understand the reasons for his reluctance, but he could not ignore the fact there was something between them, love or lust, she wasn’t certain.

Katrina no longer wanted Edge to look upon her as the poor little rich girl whom he had rescued. She wanted him to see her as a woman, as a proper wife someone he could come to. It was only and right after all he had committed himself to her in marriage, it was time to make the marriage real. And if he was too honourable to bring it about, then she would have to do it.

Taking a deep breath she decided to strike while the iron was hot, and before she lost her nerve again, she got up from the bed and went over to the door and opened it

Edge was standing in the middle of the room about to remove his shirt, he stopped dead and immediately looked concerned when Katrina stepped out, her expression looking slightly nervous

“What is wrong?” he enquired.

“Nothing” she manage to reply shaking her head

“Actually I have just come to a decision” she then informed him walking over to closer him

“Oh yes?” Edge queried warily “About what?”

“A-bout us” Katrina informed him

“What about us?” Edge’s tone was still cautious

Katrina was finding this the hardest part, but nevertheless decided there was no going back. She was having trouble looking into those green eyes of his as she spoke the next words.

“About our marriage arrangements.. I think it is time for a change from what we agreed on the beginning.. it doesn’t feel right”

“I see” Edge’s tone was as neutral as was his expression as she looked at him, and suddenly she felt a little uncertain, but she ploughed on

“W-when I say it doesn’t feel right.. I mean I would feel much better… that is, I think I should be a wife to you, not just in name only, I want to be a proper wife to you in everyway” her voice lowered meaningfully

She hoped desperately he understood what she meant, and as if to clarify it, whilst her heart thudded in her ribcage, her trembling fingers started to untie the top of her nightdress and she started to slide it from her shoulders.

She heard his sharp intake of breath, then his hands came to rest on hers, bringing a halt to her actions, he gently pulled her nightdress back over her shoulders.

“You don’t have to do this Kat” he told her softly

She looked at him, confusion in her blue eyes, “Why not, do you not desire me?”

He looked openly stunned by her reaction, realising she seemed offended in some way

“Jesus Kat, do you know what you are doing to me?” he then exclaimed almost harshly “You wander in here, just when I am ready for bed and stand before me, looking a cross between a trembling innocent and a seductive woman offering yourself up to me like a sacrifice, which I have to say works very well.” He openly admitted with a twisted smile,

“Then you have the cheek to ask me if I desire you, of course I damn well do, no red blooded man wouldn't” he assured in agitation, “But I am trying to do the right thing here” he finished in desperation

Katrina glowed, suddenly feeling more confident by his revelation. She moved closer to him so that their faces were only inches apart.

“Then you know the right thing to do. she told him huskily, ”All you have to do is show me”

His green eyes scanned her face, first with an expression that couldn’t quite believe she was talking to him in such a manner, but then it changed as she continued to eye him wantonly, to the smouldering expression of a man who wanted her and knew she was his for the taking.

He grabbed her roughly pulling her to him, this time his lips were ravaging, demanding, letting her know the power of his feelings and what she was letting herself in for. It sent Katrina’s mind and body into a spin making her giddy and sending a strange heat through her, and she found herself clinging to him.

Then as suddenly as he had grabbed her he pulled away looking down at her almost mockingly, “Now its my turn to ask, do you desire me?” he drawled.

She looked up at him, letting him see she did, her hand caressed his bearded jaw, and she manage to smile shyly and nod her head unable to speak,

And when his lips claimed hers again, she only too willingly wrapped her arms around his neck pulling herself even closer to him, he lifted her of her feet and carried her to the bedroom to finish what she had started……


“I don’t think, our friends will be coming back, after last nights little carry on, they made their point” Edge spoke to Katrina the following morning as he got dressed, and she lay back in bed watching him, silently admiring him.

“But still for your own safety I am going to leave my pistol with you, so you will be able to take care of yourself when I am away,” he informed her as he pulled on his shirt., he turned to look at her.

“Do you know how to fire a pistol?”

Coming out of her reverie at his question she shook her head and felt a twinge of anxiety, remembering the night before and how she could have lost him”

“Well I will show you before I go, its better being safe than sorry”

“I am not sure I could shoot someone” Katrina then spoke up getting out of bed as well.

“I am hoping you never have to” Edge replied, “But I would feel a lot better knowing you could defend yourself if it came to it

“All this talk is scaring me” she confessed going over and wrapping her arms around him to feel the security of his hard muscled chest”

“I don’t mean to alarm you” Edge stroked her hair, “I just want you to be safe if I cannot be here, understand?”

“I suppose so” Katrina relented with a heavy sigh and reluctantly released her hold on him to let him finish dressing so she could dress herself as well.

She found herself looking at her body in a new light as she dressed, her cheeks warming at the thought of Edge’s hands exploring every part of her the night before and how good it felt, and how she had wanted more when she woke that morning finding him beside her and he had only too happily obliged.

But now they had to start the day, and she hated the thought of him leaving her, but she knew he had business to attend to.

She tried to concentrate a little while later whilst he showed her how to fire the pistol outside, but she was distracted, stealing him little looks remembering the night before, and wondering if it was proper for her mind to dwell quite so much on what had happened between them, but it was hard not to when he was so near she could smell and feel him next to her.

Kat have you heard a word I have said?” he demanded suspiciously seeing the faraway look in her eye as he was showing her how to shoot the pistol.

“I’m sorry, I am trying to concentrate on what you are saying, but I just find myself thinking of other things.. like last night, and this morning” she confessed blushing a deep pink.

Edge chuckled “I know, you are still glowing, and I promise I will make you glow even more tonight” he added meaningfully making her face heat up more, but also send a little thrill down her spine

“But for now do you think you can concentrate on learning to shoot this thing” he handed her the pistol

“I-I will try” she told him, forcing her mind to the task at hand, wanting to please him.

She kept herself busy as much as she could to make the day go in quicker looking forward to Edge coming home, feeling a little jittery still after the attack the night before Edge had told her he didn’t think they would come back… but still. She found herself nervously glancing out the window now and again. That’s when she caught sight of him a dark haired man coming up the path purposefully she did not recognise him.

Katrina’s felt the hairs in the back of her neck prickle as he approached wondering who he was and what he wanted, then she hear him shout

“Evans, you bugger ye, I know you are in there C’mon out”

Panicking Katrina grabbed the pistol Edge had left for her, going over to the door she threw it open and brandished the weapon on the dark haired man, his blue eyes first caught sight of her then the gun in her hand and he looked suitably startled and immediately raised his hands stopping in his tracks

“W-who are you, if you have come to get Edge he is not here, but I swear if you take another step I will shoot you where you stand” Katrina declared her hand trembling as she brandished the gun at him, hoping the threat was enough to make him turn and run

But he didn’t move, his blue eyes staring warily at the weapon in her hand

“Take it easy lady” he finally spoke up, “I am just here looking for my old army comrade, I am a friend of Edge’s I am not here to do any harm” his voice was calm and reasonable.

Katrina now wavered uncertainly, “Army friend you say?” She queried her mind working over time trying to figure out if he was telling the truth,

“Alright then.. what was the name of his captain?” she demanded

“Oh that’s easy, Clayton, good old Captain Clayton” he replied cheerfully, “now do you believe me? He asked his eye still on the pistol in her hand

“I guess so” Katrina relented, relief now flooding through her tense body, she lowered the gun. “I am sorry, it’s just we had a bit of trouble last night, and I wasn’t sure who you were” she then attempted to explain.

“It’s ok,” he smiled understandingly, looking more relaxed himself, “The name is Hewson, Paul Hewson” he introduced taking a few steps forward and holding out his hand to her so they could shake

She took it after a moments hesitation and felt the firm grip of his hand as they shook, his blue eyes staring at her speculatively

“And so who might you be?” he then enquired

“I am Katrina Evans, Edge’s wife” she informed him

His eyebrows shot up in surprise, “Well now imagine that, he kept that quiet” he chuckled, “nice to meet you all the same Katrina” he then smiled,

Now that she realised he was not a threat, Katrina found herself warming to Edge’s old army buddy and his easy way, she invited him into the house.

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Jeysus, Edge is hot! So stong and brave! This was my all time favorite line:

Edge chuckled “I know, you are still glowing, and I promise I will make you glow even more tonight” he added meaningfully making her face heat up more, but also send a little thrill down her spine.

I never thought I would be thinking of Edge in this way.

Paul Hewson cameo!


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great chapter annj!
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Great chapter! Looking forward to what's ahead!
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woooow tough lady there!
aww paul hewson, teh comrade
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