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Paradise is U2 on a 50 ft IMAX Screen! (Good news for Miss Zooropa)

Hi guys!

I know it's been so long you've forgotten who I am by now! The reason I am so quiet this week is that I'm in a huge fundraising conference that is going on until mid-Saturday this weekend, and thus my internet time has been reduced dramatically. I haven't a clue what's been going on in the world of Pleba, haven't had time to read anything, but next week, I will be back with a vengance.

Anyway, last night I attended the Cdn premiere of the DVD (it's not released until Dec 4 here!!!). It was was hosted by a couple of radio stations and you could go if you phoned in for tickets.

At the conference of course I have no access to radio, so what did I do? I wrote a small essay to the director of promotions about what a deserving recipient of tickets I am, and lo and behold I got tickets. They weren't even tickets, they were very cool "VIP" type backstage pass type laminated tags!

But the show! AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! What a way to see the DVD for the first time! 50ft high U2 with sound that was as loud as the actual shows (the bass and drums were vibrating through my stomach)! There's also something so incredible about NOT having to line up, but just to watch the show, completely relaxed and without a camera in front of your face or any stress whatsoever. It made me appreciate the amazing rush that is U2 in their prime even MORE if that's possible. I tell you, if I could produce a drug to match how I felt watching that last night, I'd be a rich woman. I am DEFINITELY getting a DVD player this Xmas!!!!

Anyway, the point of all this is that although I am still in PED mode, I have been re-inspired, and have a whole new appreciation for Bono (not that I didn't appreciate him before, but I do even more now if that's possible). I think I will finally be able to write a good story for Miss Zooropa, and I hope to have it out next week.


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That's awesome Mrs. "The"! I took my Boston Video into the kidzone(the Daycare I manage) last night, and we put in the Video, the kids were younger, so we thought they would just keep playing, but as soon as Elevation started they all came over and started jumping up and down! It was sooooo funny! And at this point they hadn't really showed a close up of the floor and all of the GAer's doing it, so it was all their idea...these kids are two and three. Anyway one of them kept pointing to Bono and asking "This?" I replied "Mr. Bono" and he kept walking around saying "Miss Bobo" it was so cute, but one of the other kids could say it correctly and everytime they showed a closeup if Bono she would scream "BONOOOOOO" It was so funny that they got so into it! When the parents came back I had to explain why their daughter was pointing at her dad and screaming "BONOOOO" I guess she associated all men as being Bono...who could have just been excitement over learning a new word...But anyway I am rambling and I should be getting to class...

Fishy <><

"People look at someone like me and think he wants the world to love him. But he probably just wants one person to love him." -Bono, referring to a song he recently wrote for his dad...

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*pictures a 50 ft. Edge and Larry*


That's cool. And I love your story Fishy-remember, Bono has that quote-'I'm gonna start a day care'!!!

If you are really good friends with The Edge, you can just call him The~ Adam

The right side of my brain is kinda redundant~ Larry
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Hey Mrs. Edge!!! I was wondering what happened to you! I hope everything is well on your end.

Cool, 50 Ft U2? Wow... lucky girl you are.

"I wish that I could cry, fall upon my knees. Find a way to lie about a home I'll never see... I can't stand to fly. I'm not that naive. I'm just out to find a better part of me. Up up and away from me, It's alright you can all sleep safe tonight. I'm not crazy or anything... Even heroes have the right to dream..." -Five for Fighting "Superman"
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