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out of control pt six

a bit of a long chapter


“What the feck is she doing with you?” Edge demanded the following evening as Bono strolled into the pub with Angie.

“And it’s nice to see you again too” Angie drawled as she sat down across the table from Edge and Adam.

“I invited her along for a drink” Bono replied easily sitting next to Angie

“So when did you two get pals again?” Adam asked lifting his glass to take a drink and stare at them both speculatively

“Last night, we kind of bumped into each other” Bono replied

“Just like that eh?” Edge queried his eyes narrowing in Angie’s direction,

“Yeah, exactly like that” Bono replied mildly, he knew Edge and the others had a bad opinion of Angie, they thought she was just a waste of space and were wary of her, which was understandable, but he wasn’t asking them to like her, only respect his desire to try and help her

“Have you got a problem with it?” Angie was more forthright as she scowled at Edge and Adam

“Well now you mention it-” Edge sat forward in his seat

“Hey c’mon guys, play nice” Bono interrupted warningly playing the diplomat, “Lets all be friends, or at least civil to one another, I want to sit and drink my pint in peace”

“If we must” Edge sat back in his chair, he had no wish to fall out with his friend, even if he did find himself questioning the company he got himself into

“Yeah well I didn’t start the hostility” Angie replied shooting Edge a sullen stare

Bono sighed tonight was not going to be easy, and helping Angie was not going to be as simple as he thought, she insisted returning to her home was not an option. When Bono tried to find out exactly what was going on she had fobbed him of and changed the subject so he was still completely in the dark

His dad was still not too happy having Angie around which was why he had invited her to come out with him for a drink, now he was even starting to regret that, he realised his pals would start lecturing him on wasting his time on Angie and she wasn’t worth it

The atmosphere around the table was tense Bono tried to lighten it up keeping the conversation going between himself and Edge and Adam as well as Angie, though they hardly exchanged a word with each other.

Then Larry arrived on the scene with a few others, the moment he caught sight of Angie he frowned

“Who invited her?” he demanded

“Bono if you must know” Edge replied dryly

Larry turned to Bono with disbelief. “Have you lost your bloody mind?”

“OK that does it!” Angie scraped back her chair and stood up

“I am not staying where I am clearly not welcome”

“Aww Angie you don’t want to take any heed of them,” Bono protested getting up and grabbing her arm.

“Forget it Bono” Angie replied glaring, “Thanks for trying to help and everything, but this is not going to work… I tried to tell you and you wouldn’t believe me, and I don’t want to come between you and your mates, they don’t think I am worth it, and maybe they are right... so just let it go eh, I will sort myself out, don’t worry about me.. I will survive” she broke away from him and walked away

“Nice work guys!” Bono drawled frowning in annoyance, “D’ya know how long it took me to get her to trust me this far?”

“Why do you want her to trust you for anyway?” Larry demanded “She is only trouble, you are better of letting her go, save you a lot of crap… we are doing you a favour”

“You could have done me a bigger favour by keeping your mouths shut and your opinions to yourselves” Bono retorted

“What is it with you and her?” Edge asked in bewilderment “Why do you feel need to help her in the first place? Haven’t you better things to spend your time on?”

Bono just couldn’t explain to his friends exactly what it was, and he didn’t think they would understand if he tried to explain.

“I just think she needs someone to look out for her that’s all, she is not a bad person… she is just lost”

“We are talking about Angie O’Neill right?” Larry retorted

Bono shook his head; it was useless trying to make them to see beyond their noses at times

“Forget it” he told them and started to leave.

“Where are you going?” Adam demanded

“To find Angie,” Bono replied

Edge sighed sitting back in his seat “Sometimes Bono just doesn’t know when to give up, guess he will just have to learn the hard way”

The others murmured and nodded in agreement


Bono hurried outside hoping to catch up with Angie, knowing she could not have gotten too far, he looked up and down the street but there was no sign of her much to his frustration.

He ran a hand through his mop of dark hair, trying to figure out what way she might go, he decided to head in the direction of the flats, wondering if she might try to go back to the squat.

He crossed the road and hurried up the street and was about to turn the corner, when he heard
Angie’s voice

“Get your feckin hands of me!”

It seem to come in the direction of the alleyway across the street, Bono went over,

It was just starting to grow dark, but Bono could make out the two figures half way up the narrow alleyway, one of them he recognised as Angie the other was Mickey black, who had a grip on her arm, and she was trying to struggle free swearing at him.

“What’s going on?” Bono demanded. Both of them turned to look at him only now aware of his presence as he walked slowly towards them.

“What do you want?” Mickey Black demanded glaring at Bono

“I wanna know what’s going on” Bono replied refusing to be intimidated, standing his ground

“None of your business so why don’t you take yourself off, this is between me and Angie,” Mickey
told him

“Yeah stay out of this Bono, I can take care of myself.. I don’t need you interfering” Angie told him

“Doesn’t look like you are doing a very good job so far” Bono remarked, and turned his attention back on Mickey

“Just typical of you… picking on a girl, make you feel a big man does it?” he drawled

“Like I told you feck of and mind your own business” Mickey snarled “she owes me, and I am going to make sure she pays,” He grabbed her by the hair intending to drag her away making her let out a yelp,

It was all it took for Bono to take action, he hurried over grabbing Mickey’s arm and pulling Angie away from him, she stumbled back against the nearby wall, and Bono took a swing at Mickey smacking him on the chin.

Going into a blind rage at Bono’s interference Mickey lunged back at Bono with his fist, getting him in the jaw.

“”Leave him alone you scumbag” Angie screeched and decided to join in, going over she managed to kick Mickey Black between the legs where it hurt, it was enough to render him helpless in pain and unable to strike back.

“You feckin Bitch wait till I get my hands on you” he howled

Angie grabbed Bono’s arm and tugged at it urgently “C’mon lets get outta here”

Bono would have liked to get another punch in, but decided it was better getting away while they could, before Mickey turned on Angie again

So they both ran up the alleyway into the street, they didn’t stop until they were safely two streets away, both of them a little breathless as the stood at the corner of the road

“I can’t seem to get rid of you” Angie frowned in annoyance

“Just as well as it turns out” Bono retorted as he tentively felt his aching jaw”

“I can handle myself I don’t need you to keep come rescuing me,” Angie snapped

“What was that all about anyway?” Bono demanded, “What did he mean you owed him?”

“That’s my business, “Angie informed him sharply, “stop interfering Bono, go back to your mates get on with your life and just leave me alone, can’t you see we don’t come from the same place... go ahead, you be a big rock star get your fame and fortune, but that’s your dream not mine, can’t you get that through your head… just leave me alone”

She went to turn and walk away as she did so a small tattered notebook fell out of her pocket and fell open on the ground.

Bono bent down and picked it up” Angie you dropped this” he called after her, and glanced at the book and noticed the pencilled sketches on the pages, they were good precise drawing, but also very disturbing dark sketches of a skeletal woman with knives placed in her private area and breasts

Another one of a man with a dark devilish face blood dripping down his mouth, It was the only a brief glimpse as Angie had turned caught him looking at the notebook and swiftly snatched it from him.
“Thank you” she said curtly shoving the notebook back in her pocket

“Did you draw those?” Bono asked now falling into step beside her as she started walking again

“Yeah… they are just stupid scribbles” she replied dismissively

“They are pretty good, a bit macabre, but you can really sketch well.. I never realised you had that talent”

Angie stopped in her tracks, to turn to look at him, “Are you for real?” she laughed sneeringly

Bono looked back wide eyed and innocent his arms opened wide “what? What did I say?”

Angie shook her head “forget it” she started walking again, Bono fell once more into step with her

“Did anyone ever tell you I am a real pain in the ass, when I get a bee in my bonnet about something?”

“No, but I am beginning to realise that myself” Angie replied tartly

Bono chuckled “So why don’t we go back to my place, we can have a nice cup of tea and some toast and a little chat and you can sleep on my sofa again… just for tonight” he hastily added
“Just so I know you are safe from the clutches of Mickey Black… I will sleep a lot easier”

“Why do you always make it sound as if I am doing you a favour, instead of the other way around?” Angie demanded in annoyance

“Does it work?” Bono enquired hopefully

“As long as you are making the tea and toast” Angie relented with a sigh

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oooh can't wait for the next chapter. your a fab writer


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ahh i agree
it keeps getting better and better.
but i think angie has something up her sleeve

i'll be waiting for the next part
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I'm really liking this. Can't wait for the next part.
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What comes next after tea & toast. Can't wait---I love your story!

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