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Out of Control pt 4

(Present day)
He should have learned his lesson on that first encounter, and had nothing more to do with Angie, that might have been the sensible thing to do he realised.

But it had felt so much like unfinished business, and despite the fact she had pissed him of, it had also made him more curious about her, why she acted the way she did.

After what had happened between them that night, she avoiding hanging around in the same crowd as him, Bono heard through the local gossip grapevine, she had got in with another crowd who were involved in drugs, and that she had moved out of her house to live in some squat in the rundown block of flats nearby.

Whilst everyone was telling him it was as well he never got anymore involved with her, and it was good riddance to bad rubbish, for some reason privately he still felt guilty. As if washing his hands of her he had somehow abandoned her.

But then reminded himself she had told him straight she did not want his help and to mind his own business so that was exactly what he was doing

His youthful compassion and also his stubbornness to refuse to admit defeat where she was concerned over rode his common sense, his anger and annoyance with her had long cooled of the next time he encountered her after that night, he reckoned it was roughly about four months later.

She had been the last person on his mind. The fact that he and the others were busy trying to establish them selves as a band that was to be taken seriously was taking up most of his time
He had been on his back from Edges house late one evening, returning home,

It was raining and cold that night, he remembered being soaked through and just wanting to get home, taking a shortcut through the block of flats in the estate where he lived, that was when he tripped over what he thought was a dog when he heard the yelp……


(12 years previously)

….. “Bloody hell watch where you are walking will ya!” the familiar voice snarled
Bono frowned peering into the darkness of the corner under the stairs of the back entrance hallway of the block of flats, getting over his startlement that he had almost fell on his face tripping over an unexpected lump on the ground, to find out it was a person… and not just any person

“Angie?” he queried “Is that you?”

“Oh great, Bono… it would have to be you of all people” came the gruff reply she shifted and he could see her a little better over the dim overhead orange light that was attached to the hallway ceiling.

She looked a lot different than how he remembered her, her hair had grown out of its short spiky style but was in lank tangles almost down to her shoulder, she wore no make up and looked pale and pasty she sat with her knees hunched up with her jacket around her, and scowled up at him. Bono contemplated walking on and letting her get on with it, but his curiosity got the better of him

“What are you doing lying here anyway?”

“Trying to get some sleep if you must know” she glowered

“What out here in this hallway? Is this where you are staying?” He asked incredulously

Angie lowered her head then pushed a loose strand of her lank hair that fell forward over her face behind her ear

“Yeah, for tonight anyway” her tone was less hostile

“You can’t sleep here all night, you will freeze to death” Bono objected

Angie shrugged uncaringly “So it’s not like I have a choice, since they kicked me out of the squat”

Bono’s eyebrows rose, “kicked you out eh? What did you do?”

“It’s a long story and I have no wish to discuss it with you” Angie replied tiredly, “Gawd nothing has changed about you Bono, you still asking twenty questions, wanting to know my business, like you care or something”

Bono chuckled, deciding not to take offence, which he felt sure would annoy her more “You haven’t changed either, still mouthy and full of attitude, probably why they kicked you out”

“And I suppose you think I deserve everything I get” she shot back looking up at him defiantly.

His blue eyes rested on her steadily “Actually that’s not what I was thinking at all” he informed her mildly

She just lowered her head again, “well you must be the only one” she mumbled.

Silence followed Angie was attempting to keep the jacket covering most of her shivering body in a vain attempt to keep warm while Bono stood hovering over her, his conscience not letting him just walk away and leave her despite all that had happened before.

He put his hand in the pocket of his jeans and pulled out a cigarette packet holding it out to her
“Want one?”

She looked up at the packet, then at him, hesitating, her pride still intact despite her circumstances, which Bono found almost admirable. But at the same time hoped she would accept his peace offering

“Go on I got plenty” he then urged “It’s only a new packet”

“Well if you insist” Angie grudgingly gave in and took a cigarette from the packet.

Bono hunkered down with his lighter to light it for her as she put it to her lips, in the small flickering flame he could see her a little better briefly, noticing the dark circles under her eyes
There was weariness about her, and she looked so much older than her age, it was alarming.

But he hoped the shock didn’t register in his expression, not that Angie would notice much she was too busy taking a deep draw from the cigarette her fingers trembling as she held it

Bono took out a cigarette and put it between his own lips and lit it, getting his own nicotine craving just watching her

She was warily eyeing him up now; he could feel her brown eyes on him checking him over as she took another draw from the cigarette, probably wondering what he wanted

He wasn’t even sure himself why he remained hunkered down facing her, she had made it clear he wasn’t exactly welcome, but he needed to know she was going to be alright

“You should go home, you are soaked through yourself” Angie finally spoke up, “A fine one you are lecturing me”

“Yeah well at least I know when I am well off and have a home to go to” Bono replied
“Pity you don’t do the same”

“I don’t have a home” Angie stated

“What happened? Did you have a row with your Da and Ma and they kicked you out?” Bono enquired lightly
“Y’know I am sure whatever it was about, they would not like to see you sleeping rough like this and will take you back in, me and my Da row all the time, but he wouldn’t like to see me out in the street”

“You’re doing it again” Angie laughed shaking her head “Thinking you know what’s best for me, when you don’t have a clue what’s going on”

“Well why don’t you tell me, then maybe I can help” Bono suggested taking another draw of his cigarette

“Why? She replied “Why do you want to know, why do you care?” she seemed genuinely puzzled by this as she frowned into his face.

“I just don’t like to see anyone in trouble” Bono replied shifting himself to come over and sit next to her now, “I don’t think I could sleep easy in my bed tonight knowing I left you lying here freezing to death… it isn’t right Angie, surely you can see that”

Angie snorted “I have gone by the stage of caring what is right and wrong Bono, sometimes life deals you a blow and you got to live with the consequences of it the best you can, and that is what I am doing” she blew out the cigarette smoke in front of her staring into the smoke lost in her own thoughts

Her vague reply only increased Bono’s concern, “Is it really that bad?” he enquired

She turned her head to look at him “Yeah it is” she replied quietly then suddenly flashed him genuine warm hint of a smile

“You’re a nice guy Bono…I am sorry I give you a pissy time before, I guess I was just on the defensive with you because you acted like you cared about me for real… and that is not a good thing where I am concerned. She took another draw from her cigarette

“What’s wrong with caring about you?” Bono enquired bewildered.

“Because, like I told you before I am screwed up and most likely could never care about you back… so you see you are better forgetting about me I would destroy you, I destroy everything I touch” she stated darkly

“Hey C’mon you can’t be that bad, you make it sound as if you are in league with the devil himself” Bono attempted to lighten her mood

Her lips twisted in a small sardonic smile “maybe I am” she replied

Bono felt his frustration rising at the way she was talking,

“That’s shite Angie, I don’t know what is going on in that brain of yours, whether it’s the drugs has you thinking and talking this way… but you have your whole life ahead of you, and you can do what ever you want of you put your mind to it”

“You mean like becoming a big rock star… like you are planning on doing” Angie drawled mockingly

Bono chose to ignore her taunting tone “Yeah if that’s what you want… don’t you ever think about your future, have dreams of doing something or being someone, leaving your mark on the world?”

“Not for a long time” Angie replied she had finished the cigarette and flicked the butt across the floor “My dreams died a long time ago” she wrapped her arms around her knees hugging them

“Well maybe you should start reviving them” Bono told her, “You talked about escaping Dublin, travelling to America or London… why don’t you make it happen, this doesn’t have to be your life”

“Oh yeah sure, someone is going to wave their magic wand and make it all happen for me” Angie retorted “I don’t think so”

“You could let me help you, let me be your friend” Bono suggested softly as he took the last draw from his own cigarette

“You don’t feckin give up do you?!” Angie exclaimed in exasperation

Bono grinned “I guess not” he flicked his butt away,

Once more they sat in silence

“You are not going to go away are you? Angie finally spoke up trying to sound irritated, but not quite succeeding

“Nope” Bono replied simply

Angie sighed resigningly “If I let you help me then will you leave me alone?”

“Maybe, but I am not promising anything” Bono informed her

“You’re feckin nuts, y’know that” Angie growled, but sounding more amused now than annoyed

Bono just grinned triumphantly that he was finally making some progress.

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love this story!

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This story already has a good message annj.
Carry on, love!!
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Angie needs Bono!
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Aw, I'm glad she's letting him help. I like where this is going. Keep up the great writing!
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