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In New York

okay.. I am home sick today so had a bit of time.. here's a bit of a story.. hope you like it .. it's meant in good fun...

Jenny sat at the table in the New York Magazine conference room nervously biting at her fingers, when her editor had called her in the morning she wondered what it could be about. 7.00 am meeting she thought it had to be for a good reason, she scanned her thoughts about all the passed articles she had written and. The HIV/AIDS and America’s efforts topped her list , the headline she used said President Acklin leaves orphans to fend for themselves, she didn’t think that was harsh, it spoke the truth but didn’t paint the president in the best light and with election’s she was sure she there would be some less then happy people.

“ Ahh good morning Jenny” a large Irish voice boomed from behind her..

“ Colm , I am not going to apologize for the article.. I think…” she paused to see the confused look on her editors face .

Colm placed a large starbucks coffee in her hand , “ have a sip of this and I will tell you it is quit the opposite

” Jenny walked over to the bar fridge to retrieve some milk for her coffee, Colm continued “well seems that article you’ve written has created some high profile attention, but in a good way I would say”

Jenny’s interest was peaked now “really, from who would that be, I don’t suppose the president” she smiled and felt a little more relaxed . She stood in front offering the milk to Colm. he motioned it away with his hand

“ Well a friend of mine actually.. you might be familiar with him and he wants to meet you to speak of it”. Jenny’s mind raced as she tried to figure out what friend it might be , Colm reached into the drawer and pulled out a bottle of whiwhiskey poured a bit into the coffee..

“ Little early in the morning for that.. even for me” a husky Irish lilt came from behind Jenny, she tensed up as she saw the smile on Colms face widen

“ Bono, my friend your a bit early “ he pointed at he bottle , ‘ this keep’ s me going with a staff like this one”, they both laughed .

Jenny stood facing Colm as she heard footstep get closer behind her, she couldn’t believe it. She had no idea Colm was a friend of Bono, he had never mentioned it all the time he teased her over her being a fan he not once mentioned their friendship , Bono walked around beside her..

“ and this must be Jenny, who captured my attention in a brilliantly written piece”. Bono took her hand and place it up to his lips to and gracefully kissed it, “glad I am to finally meet the beautiful journalist behind the story” Jenny could feel her cheeks blush as she tried to maintain a professional composer.

"‘Bono , I had no idea.. I mean I am so.. it is my pleasure” she muttered her foot caught the edge of the table and she stumbled falling into Bono spilling the coffee all over him.

With a look of horror on her face Jenny blirted “ Ohh my gosh I’m sorry” she looked at Bono and saw the coffee all over his denim shirt which she noticed was halfway unbuttoned revealing the rosary up against his chest, she hoped didn’t catch that glare

“ ahh it is not problem and actually , you would be surprised how many time it happens to me” Bono had sly smile on his face
Jenny glanced up to see him removing this glasses to wipe the bit of coffee that had spattered on them. She was entranced by the blue eyes starring at her “ umm I better go get some ahh kleenex to clean you up “ Jenny said.

Before anyone could answer Jenny was heading back to her desk thinking about her words, get some Kleenex he was going to think she was a bit ditzy . She had meant towels; she had clean ones in her gym bag and as she bean down to pull one from behind her desk she noticed the article she had written about Bono and his wife Marla break up when she worked for the gossip column. Her friend and coworker Jill had written in big read letters above the picture of Bono leaving the Clarence .. maybe this is your chance

“Ahhh yes received quite the attention that did” she heard the Irish lilt above her and was immediately embarrassed she knew it was Bono and he had seen the article and the message her friend left.

Jenny went to stand up quickly and gave her head a wack on the edge of the desk.. she winced in pain a. Bono had a concerned look on his face “I should get you some ice or something for that” he said Bono’s eyes darted around the newsroom she could tell he was searching out the kitchen.

“No it’s okay I’m fine” .. she realized she had grabbed hold of his hand to get his attention and quickly let go when he turned to face you “ are you sure.. you might have a nasty bump from that, I know I happen to do it a lot” he had the same mischievous grin on his face. “ I ‘m sorry I startled you, thought maybe kleenex wouldn’t do the trick on the shirt” , Jenny laughed “ so I came to tell you I would be heading back to the hotel to get a bit of a change, then I actually have to be at the studio”

All the staff started to arrive at work and were watching the conversation between the two . “ I am really sorry Bono , look I have ruined your shirt” Jenny said in a low voice.

“ No it’s not ruined at all, besides I have a couple of these” he smiled.Bono glanced at the red bump appearing over Jenny’s eye and placed his hand on her face just above “ it’s nothing compared to the injury I caused you he said” thankfully Colm came out to save Jenny from the awkward moment.

Bono turned to Colm “ well mate it seems I have a debt to pay, I must get to the studios or Edge will not be that happy” Bono looked back at Jenny “ if the boss man agrees I would like to try this meeting again, say over dinner at Raichards if 7:00 works for the both of you I will see you then”

Jenny looked at Colm, “Actually I have pass” Colm said, "off on holidays tonight the missus and I to France, but I am sure you can bring Jenny up to date on our idea” Jenny’s felt her face turning 18 shades of red .

Bono smiled "7:00 it is, I can’t wait to tell you all about what Colm and I discussed” he kissed her hand again and headed to the Elevator. “ Have a safe journey mate”

as the doors closed behind Bono Jenny looked at her editor in a state of belief, "‘Colm I can’t go to this myself tonight I will be.. well don’t I get a say " he stopped her “actually you don’t , besides Jenny I have never known you to be intimidated by anyone , Bono is a good man,”

he smiled and headed into his office “Oh and by the way” Colm said with a grin on his face “ Bono knew I would be out of town tonight, he is lending Sara and I his home in France, he is a sly devil that one”

to be continued....

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Hmmm...very interesting start...

Poor Jenny. I don't blame her for being embarrassed...if I'd done that in front of some famous singer, I'd probably be a little embarrassed, too.

Keep this going. I'm curious to see where this leads.


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yep interesting angle from a journalist point of view
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'' he smiled and headed into his office “Oh and by the way” Colm said with a grin on his face “ Bono knew I would be out of town tonight, he is lending Sara and I his home in France, he is a sly devil that one”

Indeed he is........
I like how this started......cant wait for the next chapter!
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Old 04-03-2004, 11:19 AM   #5
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ahh.. it is just getting started ( i think) anywayI will get more up soon.. thanks!!!!!
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This story is off to a good start. Hope to see more posted soon!!

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