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cant live with or without you part 5

the next words to my friggin novel. this is turning out to be a lot longer than i expected!

when we got to the restaurant there was quite a surprise. Bono was on time! This was apparently a rare occasion on which there must be a small amount of suspicion. Adam looked at me
“man he must really have it bad for you. Hes here before us! I’ll be damned”

“Hey guys I’ve been waiting for you! Who says I can never be on time eh?”
There were obvious things that had suffered for his promptness though. He hadnt shaved, he had bed head, and his clothes were mismatched. Looking at him like that made me think of him in bed naked so I tried to concentrate on something else.
“Are the other guys inside?” I asked trying to look at him somewhere that didnt turn me on. No luck.
“Yeah, theyre saving a seat for us. I couldnt sit still any longer so they kicked me out here to wait for you.”
Edge and Larry were sitting at a table drinking coffee and reading the paper when we came in. They stood up and greeted me and Adam.
“So did you hear the big news?” Larry asked, “the world is officially going to end, Bono was early this morning!”
Bono aimed a kick at him and missed.
“Yer better off shuttin’ your mouth right now pretty boy” Bono glared at him and then turned his attention to me.

“How was your sleep last night? I hope everything was fine.”

“It was wonderful, I woke up more refreshed than I have in a long time.”
We all sat down and looked at the menus. I knew what I wanted so I waited for the others to decide. Bono took the longest, he kept changing his mind and then forgetting what it was he wanted in the first place. He was getting pouty because I wouldnt tell him what I was getting so he could copy me. Finally I just picked something for him and the poor waitress could go.

“So whats on the agenda for today?” bono asked curiously.
Edge told him
“well this is really the last day that we have to relax before we get ready to go to the grammies so you better get as much in as you can.”
“I’m riding the harley today if you want to take a ride with me Tara.”
“That would be awesome, I havent ever gotten to ride on one before.”

“I’ll take you after were done eating. Its right out front. I’ll give you my helmet since I don’t have an extra with me. We can drop by my place really quick and pick one up.”

“Sounds great! Bono what are you doing?”

“Well I was going to take you to get the rest of the things you need for the awards but since youre busy I guess I have to find something else to do.” he pouted in his chair until I told him that he could have me all day after my ride, but I want to go see Edges effects for guitar too.

“Okay, we can do that tonight if you want, is that okay Edge?”
“Fine with me, I’ll get everything ready.”
“Cool, I’m so excited!!”
Our food came and we sat talking and eating. I managed to dip my arm in Bono’s syrup like and idiot. He was so cute and dunked his napkin in water and rubbed it off my arm with a goofy looking smile. *melt* . After I was done eating I decided to go and wash the rest off my arm in the bathroom. As I turned the corner around from our table my heart stopped at what I saw in front of me.
“Hello darling so nice to bump into you here.”
“Nick, what are you doing here, how did you find me?”

“Sweetheart, youre all over the tabloids in america. It seems you have hooked an eligible rock star since you got here.”

“I cant believe you followed me here, get out now. Stay out of my life, I don’t want you anymore. If youre smart you’ll just leave me alone and never come back.”

“Don’t be so stupid, don’t you know you belong to me now? I came to get you before that stupid singer breaks your heart. And he will you know, hes nothing but a loser that lures in fans and screws them until hes done with them. In a few days you’ll be nothing but another piece of trash in his pile.”
The cruel look on his face almost made me sick, rage was beginning to boil inside me.

“You have no idea what youre talking about Nick, just shut up. You don’t know Bono and you dont know me. just so you know Im not screwing him either. Were friends and hes treated me better than you ever did. I trust him more than I could ever trust you too so just get out and let me start a new life without you fucking everything up for me again! i would rather sit on his doorstep and be nothing but his friend for the rest of my life than be with you. i could never love you like i love him! never!” I hadnt realized that I was shouting and getting angrier.

“Youre nothing but a cheap slut. Go ahead be a groupie slut and follow your precious rock star around like a dog, but don’t come running to me when he kicks you out. Hes just Irish scum and you know it!”

“If you say one more thing about him or any of the other guys I swear to God you will feel the pain you put me through! Its one thing to hurt me, but its another to hurt the people I love!” eyes blazing I stared him down , and then I saw his fist clenching like a hundred other times before. Knowing what he would do next I got my footing and leaned back just enough to have his fist graze the side of my face. Before I knew what I was doing I had him on the ground, just beating his face over and over. There was no stopping me, I just kept going even after the pain in my fists got unbearable. Suddenly I felt hands grabbing me and I clenched on. Maybe it was his brother I thought, but then a second pair of hands grabbed on too. Without stopping my fists I fought to stay on him, vowing to revenge the mean things he said about Bono, and unleashing years of rage he had built in me. It was Larry who finally succeeded in dragging me from Nick’s limp body. I could hear things going on in the background. Edge yelling at the owner to call the police, Bono asking again and again if I was okay, Adam talking soothingly into my ear and smoothing my hair down, while I just lay shaking in Larry’s arms. Eventually the commotion subsided and Bono talked Larry into handing me over to him.

“don’t worry baby, everything is okay now, he cant get you anymore. Theyre taking him away I promise. Its okay, its okay”
all I could do was lay there until he picked me up and carried me to his car. I looked at him helplessly and rested my head on his shoulder where I felt safe buried into his neck.

“I’m gonna have to let you go now sweety, I have to put you into the seat, its okay, youre gonna be fine. I just have to take you to the hospital to get you checked out to make sure youre okay.”

“is he gone?”

“yes, they took him to the hospital too, but you knocked him out pretty good. You don’t have to worry anymore. We’ll be there in just a few minutes and the guys will be there too after they tell the police what happened and sort things out with the restaurant owner.”

We rode on silence for a few more minutes until we got there behind the ambulance. I watched them wheel Nick into the doors on a stretcher still unconscious, and tried getting out of the car. Before I could even get a step Bono was there trying to carry me again.

“I think I can make it on my feet again, I was just a little shaken up back there.”
He grabbed my waist and walked me into the emergency room to get me checked in. since I was with Irish “royalty” I was admitted in immediately while Nick actually had to wait a few minutes for attention.

“I see you’ve gotten into a bit of a brawl” the doctor commented “I hope the other girl isn’t coming in to see me too!”

“actually doc, it was a guy, and hes in the other room next on your list. He wont be walking in though.” Bono answered for me so I wouldn’t have to say much and held my arm the whole time trying not to hurt my hand. The doctor felt around my hands and inspected the cuts. There was only one bad one that I got from punching him in the mouth, they would have to put stitches in it. Thankfully no broken bones. Finally everything was over and we could leave. The guys had showed up just in time to watch my stitches, and they were amazed that I didn’t cry. I didn’t tell them this wasn’t the first time Nick had landed me in the hospital with stitches.

“well the doctor says that you were lucky you didn’t break your hands, and to take it easy on doing things with them until you get the stitches taken out in a week.” Edge had been the only one listening while Adam and Larry were playing with things and Bono was holding on to me for dear life.
“so I guess you will have to play with my guitar effects another time, I’m really sorry.” I was disappointed but more than anything I just wanted to go lay down and process the mornings events. My body was still a little shaky which I guess was from anger mostly. I could hear Adam and Larry talking a few feet away:

“boy, she really did lay a whoopin’ to his arse!”

“yer tellin me, ive never seen anybody get beaten down like that in my life, and especially by a girl that weighs 50 pounds more than her opponent. Not even at the biker bars!”

“I hope Bono never pisses her off like that, I found the wrath of a woman last year with Naiomi and that was no walk in the park. Of course it was nothing like that.”

hope you like it!

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Great! How many chapters are left? I can't wait to read the rest!

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i have no idea how many are left actually, i just keep writing this stuff every day! i guess there needs to be some turmoil and then a happy ending...
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