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Back from Denver -- comments, etc.

Well, I DID get in the heart after all. ^^
I met the other Bono look-alike, Daniel -- he was right next to us most of the day, and got a very good spot at the rail.
Let's see.. we got up at about 4:00 AM and milled around until 5:30 and then we had some problems, and got there at about 6:00. This grouchy jerky woman followed us around the arena until we couldn't get out and made us leave -- we were pretty much the first ones there, so we left, figured that the people (5 total or so) that were coming there would end up turned away also. We were told they wouldn't let us line up until 8:00 so we could go until then. We decided to come back at 7:15 or something like that, and already people were there. I guess they decided they wouldn't be able to hold us rabid U2 fans off. I was #70. It was really nice, but sunny. It was SO much warmer than it was in Chicago -- the highest it ever got there was probably 45 degrees. Ugh. :P It was much much warmer -- warm enough I didn't need my jacket almost all day. Things were really pretty slow and not much happening until afternoon. A LOT of people came by and asked to take pictures with Daniel. One girl asked if she could take a picture of him while he ate his sandwich. LOL
At 1:30 we put our stuff in the car (other people were using the car, so we had to get them down there and just keep a sweatshirt)and mainly just waited until 3:00. We all lined up at about 2:45 and threw food away, and then at 3:00 they gave us floor wristbands. The Pepsi Center decided it was a good idea to put us into an enclosure at the VIP entrance, all packed in until 6:00. It was even more slow than when we were just lying around in line -- when I thought half an hour had passed, 10 minutes had gone by. I am not that antsy of a person usually. It drove me crazy not being able to sit down, because even though I had nicer shoes (aka not from Payless or KMart) and bigger shoes than most people (yes, small shoes DO really hurt your feet), my feet have lots of problems and I almost passed out standing there because I just couldn't sit down. The best part was every few minutes, more and more people pressed in, so less and less room was available. At the beginning I could have MAYBE sat down. Anyway.. the best part was the fact that right behind me were 3 huge No Doubt fans. I happen to like No Doubt, but I don't LOVE them the way these girls did. They were a few years older than me, maybe 16 but most of them were just.. tiny. The really small one had a blue No Doubt beanie like Edge's, No Doubt magazines she brought into the heart, a No Doubt shirt (they all had them, actually) and a No Doubt purse, and one of them (not sure who) had some kind of wristband thing that looked homemade. I was already genuinely sick of hearing them talk, but then Daniel talked to them for a long time, and I found out even more. All of them didn't hardly even like or know U2, and they had NO idea what the heart was like at all. People explained it to them probably 3 times but they seemed like they were still pretty clueless. I have NO idea how they even figured out how to line up, or even what they were lining up for. Then Bubba came by and told us we were "the chosen ones" at probably 5:00 and we were going to be let in soon. So then the employees came and stood by the doors and looked at us, opened one of the two sets of doors, looked out, and left and did that uncountable times. People pushed and pushed and I couldn't even see over anyone's heads anymore. Then FINALLY at 6:30 they came and opened the doors. The stupid (I'm sorry, they were) No Doubt girls pushed me really hard and got in front of me. I REALLY wanted to push them back (I actually at first tried to, and when the girl continued to shove me, I gave up) but I decided they were going for the stage, not the tip of the heart, where I wanted to be, so I let them be first. I went and got ahead of my mom, and got my ticket and wristband checked a lot, and finally got to the heart. EVERYONE who got there went to the stage, except three people (two of whom I met at one point I think) were at the tip. I got right next to them and waited until my mom got there. Daniel and some other people that were with him were right next to us.
No Doubt, even though I like them, and I wasn't a fan of Garbage (I didn't think they were bad, I just never really knew anything about them), I liked Garbage better than No Doubt. Gwen's outfit was.. well, original? ^^; I know she likes to dress crazy, and I like silly/funny/odd/unusual (or all of the above -- LOL) clothing, but I really just didn't like her outfit. Anyway.. sorry for nitpicking..
I just about died when they came out. ^_^ I just love the beginning of the remix they use. I am kind of a shy person, so I don't usually do the same things the crowd does, and I just stood still when 'Elevation' began, and OMG.. the floor was just shaking and shaking. It was scary.
I was so excited when they began 'Until the End of the World', because of all the crazy stuff they do. I love the thing Bono does at the beginning of the song, and I love the bullfight. When I was in the heart in Chicago Bono didn't kiss Edge (YES I found that disappointing. Isn't that just pathetic?), but this time he did, so I was happy. ^^ I forgot to mention, when a lot of people were sitting down, I read their signs and one person had "All Along The Watchtower + [something I couldn't ever read]" on theirs, and thought,"They will NEVER play that!". Well.. I was wrong: they did. I was just so shocked about it, and even more shocked when they played 'Wild Honey' and 'Please'. I don't love 'Wild Honey' but I really wanted to hear it live, and I love 'Please' and I really wanted them to play it. And when they played 'All I Want is You', one of my very favourite U2 songs, I just about died of joy. ^__^ And because they played that all in a row, it was just amazing.
It was absolutely fantastic. If it was my last (maybe St. Louis and Kansas City, I doubt it however -- my mom has no job and no money at all) concert, it was definitely the best of all the ones I went to. ^^
At the end, when everyone was leaving, my mom suddenly decided we had to have a picture with Daniel -- LOL And at first it was just going to be me, but then someone next to us offered to take it so she could be in it too, so we were both in it. I WISH I had a scanner! Oh well.. anyway.. I am so happy I forced my mom to switch from seats to GAs. ^_^ I really really wish I could go to St. Louis and Kansas City (it's both or none at all because they are so close together it wouldn't be a big deal at all), but I most likely won't. Anyway.. did anyone else from here go? I saw a woman with an Interference tag -- I didn't realize there were any! Any info about that someone could pass along?

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AWWWW Elevatedmole...

Your story sounds great.I really feel bad for you to stand those little No Doubt fans.
WTF were they doing there??? maybe a real U2 fan didn't got the chance to see them play because of their fault.

But, hey! Congrats! I see you had a blast!

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Cool elevation episode, thanks for telling us your story!
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Sounds like you had a great time! Yikes on having to stand up so loooong, I don't know why they moved everyone inside so soon.
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Thanks for the comments. I had so many troubles posting it, that I had to turn the smilies off.. I like to use them a little too much I guess. LOL Anyway.. I forgot to mention I got a link to Daniel's site if anyone wants to see it:
Now it looks like I might be able to go to Kansas City and St. Louis. Wish me luck I can go! However, no heart because we won't have time to line up.. argh..

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That is really cool that your mom took you. Do you know how lucky you are?!! I wish I could go to St louis!

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I am glad you enjoyed the show elevatedmole! your vivid description of the preshow 'wait' brought back alot of memories! *my feet are still hurtin' from monday, though not as bad* So I might have permanent foot damage, but Sparky & I made contact and that makes it worthwhile!

On the NoDoubt thing, I like them abit too, but poor Gwen, she seems like a sweetie, but she has NOStyle when it comes to wardrobe!

"She is the dreamer, she's imagination..."

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Great story

Winter Halcyon

U2 pictures album

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