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Faith Found in Songs of Innocence

Wondered what others are thinking about the elements of Bono's faith found in the lyrics, and the liner notes, of Songs of Innocence.

Here are a couple reviews that focus on this:

Bible Society


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My first thought was that they were much more subtle in this album compared to most.

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To me the symbolism is more spiritual which touches all cultural relativism.
I like that type of subtlety.
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The religious elements of this album are not as clearly explicit as they are in many of their other albums. There's not any blatantly Christian songs such as First Time, Yahweh, Magnificent, Until The End Of The World, etc. but the element is still very much there.
I expect SOE to be more religious as Bono has brought up in the last year or so about how they've been writing a lot of religious material. He specifically mentioned last summer that they had a song about CS Lewis' The Screwtape Letters and Meer Christianity. He also said in the interview about drawing a lot of inspiration from the Psalms in his recent songwriting. It would make sense with a theme of Experience as well. But we'll see what happens.

I haven't listened to the album much recently, but I remember hearing quite a bit of religious imagery in the album. Specifically in Cedarwood, Iris, Lucifer's Hands, and Sleep Like A Baby.

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Originally Posted by coemgen View Post
I like this paragraph from this article:

What U2 do well is to naturalise their Christianity. They make it normal to sing about childhood, politics, family and even California, with God in the frame. Their faith is embedded in their lives, not stuck on like a badge. I like this confidence – not always having to bleat shrilly about their beliefs, but be happy to let their songwriting be about everything under the sun, with God and his mercy the base assumption and the easy, if culturally awkward, reference point. It seems to me authentic.

That's a good description of the way U2 express their faith in their music. They are able to talk about God without being stuck into the CCM genre.
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