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The Fly
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Kite - so many ways to interpret this song

I just absolutely love this song, there seems so many ways one could interpret it. I read somewhere about Bono seeing it as about his daughters growing up and a sense of them having to make their own way more, wondering what's going to happen and more and feeling a little "out of control on a breeze" but excited and happy too. That's if i remember it right.

I love that line "Did i waste it? not so much i couldn't taste it" I'm aware of life speeding away but so much beauty as well as pain seeping in among the occasional numbness at the frenzy and overload of it all. Also "cos hardness it sets in, you need some protection the thinner the skin" To me this is a genius line, i suppose theres the child growing to adult piece and the way so many can lose their sense of feeling as the (understandable desire) to protect yourself can override how much you can feel and take in.
Sorry i'm going on a bit, i'd love to hear various peoples thoughts on this, there seems so many fantastic people on thi site - take care - jules

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War Child
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I think it is the epic battle between a father and son. "I'm a man not a child....a man who sees the shadows behind your eyes"

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According to Bono, he thought that this was a song he wrote for his children, but actually, it was a song written by his father for him.
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The Fly
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I find that a really interesting idea, the battle between father and son. My father and i were never close apart from getting a bit closer during holidays. As the holiday drew closer i could sense him receding into the distance again as his business worries srew closer. Now as a result of incredibly hard times, i still thank god who found him when he tried to top himself and me suffering with severe depression a year later were spiritually and emotionally VERY close. I think also of my owm three year old son who is so much my joy of life, how will we both adjust as he grows older and the dynamics change.
That balance between trying to protect and nurture untill he becomes an adult and even then it goes on in some way. I found myself very moved reading about Bonos relationship with his father. I remember him saying his fther never told him he loved him, yet the love was there in some way amidst the conflict. The post by Sionil, it fascinated me, are you writing in a literal or metaphhorical sense when you say Bob Hewson wrote this song for him. Thank you both of you, i listened to this song again today with your postings in my mind, it strikes me as an incredibly raw, beautiful and spiritual song, i particularly love the version on the live in Boston video. - jules
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Those weren't my words, gobshite, but Bono's. This is one fan's account of U2's August 21, 2001 concert (the day Bono's father died):

"Bono started to talk about his father and told us that he had passed away earlier. He started to talk about this particular song that had now completely changed for him. Bono said that he originally wrote this song about his kids, but now he realises that he was wrong and that "this song is a song that my father wrote for me." Then the opening bars of Kite started."
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The Fly
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Kite is a beautiful song. It's one of those songs that should show up every other night in my opinion for future tours. To me it means that people leave you when you don't need them anymore. My grandfather passed away in Jan of 2004. He left me in the physical world because his work was done. He's always with me spiritually.
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The Fly
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I remember that bono told that he wrote this song seeing his two little girls trying to make fly a kite...but they couldn't do it so they went back home. he stayed alone in the garden, and he thought this song. after his father's death he understood that this song was really for him. I love when he sang it on elevation tour, at the slane castle...I weep every time I see it...
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The Fly
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just read the last two posts on this forum and then went straight into listening to the song, feel pretty emotional at the moment. I am so moved by yours and everybody's thoughts on this song, i didn't think the feelings could get any deeper and more beautiful on this song but they have. I feel very close in spirit to so many of the fantastic people on this forum who are not under notions of whats "cool" or not and are happy to share their true thoughts and feelings, you MOVE me THANK YOU
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One of the best songs ever. I've used it 2 relate 2 my father and our own strained relationship, I've seen it through the eyes of a father, being as I have a 17 month old son now, and most recently, as a conversation between my ex-wife and I.

We were married six years, split last December, when my son was 7 months old. She's moved on, he lives with me (thank GOD!), and it took me a while, but I've realized God wouldn't have let this happen if He didn't think we were all strong enough 2 go through it.

This song brings comfort, and it touches more of a raw nerve now than ever with me.
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If it weren't for this song, I might not have fallen back in love with U2 again.

For me, this song was about growing up and becoming a father. My daughter was born in 1993, and this song showed me the reckoning with responsibility while still be my own dad's little boy.

"I am a man and not a child
A man who sees
The shadow behind your eyes"


Stand up to rock stars!
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