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Fair enough.

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Originally posted by STING2
The members of the US military and members of the US intelligence community are brave individuals that defend the freedom and security of the planet. Disgusting that you would refer to people I know and love as terrorist.
Tell that to the family of the killed prisoners of war in Afghanistan.

Everyone is talking about the glorius victory of the heroes in the bomberplanes who are flying at 10 km hight but what will happen after the war ? Personaly i think that Iraq will fall into a big civil war between the ex regime, the kurds and sicts ( Spell ?)

So we have a region in war with milions of refugies who are not welcome anywhere. Stability in the region will be far away for years.

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Originally posted by Rono
killed prisoners of war in Afghanistan.
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Consequently, Earth is an experimental disaster.

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IN MOST CASES, it doesn't take the CIA or FBI, or soldiers to fight terrorism.... It takes our country making the right policies towards other countries. (wether it be on Free Trade, Globalization, Grants and Loans, Etc. etc.)..

Israel (West) and the West bank (Middle East) is a stage play of what the real problem is.....

You have people blowing themselves up in Israel... These people (Palestinians) have been robbed of their homes and put in camps where that don't have medical treatment and water..... NO one can here there voices... so many go hay wire and to the extreme...

Now, as a Muslim, many of you are probably thinking that I'm only saying this cuz I'm placed in a bias situation.... But, I recently saw a video that would never be shown in the US... it was filmed by a British journalist (for orbitz tv) in the West Bank... He interviewed many Jewish Israelie people, many of them (some who lost their own children to terrroirist attacks) said that they would fully blame their own gov't for the attack... Why? Because, the terrorist attack was ignited by the cruelties that the Palestinians were put through...
Can you beleive that victims parents who are Jewish Israeli, are saying that their own gov't is at fault....

This just symbolizes what the US problem is, in order to track down terrorists, it shouldn't be more of us physically fighting them... But, we must take a deeper look into why this frusturation is coming out...
Could it be on some unfair policies.... most likely... When we say "terrorists" we are talking about human beings... What is making these human beings turn crazy and fanatic...

I am not trying to sympathise for terrrorists... I think what they do is out right wrong and they will pay for it in the here after... My sympathies go out for the victims....

But, I only hope that there is a better solution to this war on terrorism, rather then war.... Cuz lets face it, now a days, there are no good guyz in war...... We all have our dark secrets.. Being an American, I think this country needs to re-evalute its self, before we go to war..

lets hope that things get better,
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The Fly
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My previous, comments, were specifically for Acrobat Man and anyone else who sees this conflict as a one sided problem.....

peace out

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